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Barbarian Build Diablo 4 Uprising: Perfect for quickly editing levels in the beta

by Ana Lopez
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It’s not easy to find good Barbarian builds on Diablo 4 at this point, as the class still lacks the tools to deal with certain melee bosses. The Uprising and Finishing Blow Barbarian is capable of taking on groups of enemies, as well as these bosses, especially if you take the time to adjust your skills for battle.

Gameplay and building principle

As the name suggests, this build is built entirely around Uprising, the Barbarian’s most effective area attack. The area is much larger than that of the Hammer of the Ancients and the damage is still very good, especially with the stacked bonuses. The Slash is a very good main attack, which has the advantage of being used in part as a movement ability, so it speeds up combat, gives Fury, and a little healing.

The final blow is one of the barbarian’s best techniques and is found in many builds. It can instantly kill many types of enemies and really hurt bosses. Both of these cries provide mobility, DPS, and rage, and lastly, Call of the Ancients is a very effective ultimate ability, which will greatly help you against elite packs and bosses. Builder link.

Active skills

Here’s our suggested choice of skills in the skill bar. Also keep in mind that there are alternatives in the choice of skills. Whenever possible, look for items that give bonus points to these skills, especially Uprising.

Finding items that grant bonus defense points also allows you to store those points to place elsewhere, while giving yourself the freedom to use Galvanize and Defiant Shout on bosses to survive.

Slot 1

Reinforced slot

warrior lunge

Rebellion 5+

Fortified uprising

Violent uprising

Battle cry 0-1

Try to get this power through an item affix.

Later ranks and upgrades are optional.

You can replace it with Galvanize or/and Taunting Shout, if you’re having problems with your survivability.

War tear

Amplified Battle Cry

Powerful Battle Cry (Damage) or Powerful Battle Cry (Survival)


Reinforced finisher

Duelist Finisher

Call of the Elders

Calling of the ancients

Supreme appeal of the elders

Passive bonuses

We only list the most important obligations. This build does not strictly require them and you can optionally place these points elsewhere.

Pressure point 2

Gives a chance to make enemies vulnerable, causing them to take more damage.

Eternal Fury 0-1

More rage on your base attacks, for more revolts.


At the 5th level, the barbarian begins to gain experience with weapons that he regularly uses. At level 15, he unlocks a quest to access the next level of this feature, with special technique. Unfortunately, it cannot be completed in the beta version. So there’s not much to say about it at this point, except that the Barbarian should perform better, if he gets it.

Diablo IV

Legendary powers and aspects

Powers are no longer necessarily tied to specific items, you can extract and administer them through the Occultist and the Power Codex. Here’s a list of the main powers you’ll need for this build:

  • Each point of Fury generated while at maximum Fury will increase the damage of your next main attack.
  • The damage of the main attacks increases with the amount of saved resources.
  • Basic attacks get bonus attack speed.
  • Attacking an enemy with a basic attack increases the damage of the next main attack.
  • Killing an enemy with a main attack will return some of his fury.
  • Basic attacks reduce damage.
  • After generating 100 Fury, unleash a Tornado.
  • If you get hurt while being monitored, you’re unstoppable.

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