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Armor Resident Evil 4, Knight Without Mercy: How to beat the boss of the Mausoleum?

by Ana Lopez
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You’ve dealt with those nasty armors before in Resident Evil 4, especially in Chapter 9 with Ashley, but this time the pressure is up a notch. For the Knight Without Mercy request, you need to do this go back to the Mausoleum to undo the gold armor. This request must be completed in chapter 12, when the full map of the castle is revealed.

What weapons for this fight

As you can see in the video at the top of the article, we used two weapons: the knife repaired and with level 3 durability, but also and above all the Striker shotgunwith enhanced power at level 4. You have to shoot the enemy at close range, but you can deal with them quickly. We also recommend the body armor to better withstand the attacks of his little friends, which should be left aside so as not to unnecessarily prolong the fight.

Gold Armor: How do you beat this boss?

  • The beginning of the confrontation is what will probably cause you the most trouble, ever sinceyou have to expose your “neck” to touch the parasite directlylike on the other bosses finally.
  • As you may have read above, a few improved striker hits should enable you to overcome it, but it will be imperative to get in touch for the boss to take the full extent of its power. Wait for the armor to start raising its sword above its head and charge towards you and take the opportunity to isolate it from its two minions.
  • Bursting his sword on the ground will make the armor vulnerable, but it will deliver a second blow right after. The best option here is to parry with the knife, to buy some time to exploit its weak point.
  • After a few successful shots, the helmet will fly away and you will then have plenty of time to settle his score, but you will have to act quicklybecause the released parasite is even more dangerous.
  • Don’t mind the two armors that come with itjust fulfill your request and go: armor combat can be expensive in ammunition.
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