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Pinterest adds shopping capabilities to Shuffles, the collage making app

by Ana Lopez
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Pinterest announced today that it is testing ways to integrate Shuffles collage content into Pinterest, starting with shopping. Shuffles, that’s from Pinterest collage making app, launched to the general public last November. To use Shuffles, users build collages using Pinterest’s own photo library or by snapping photos of objects they want to include with their iPhone’s camera. The iOS-only app is available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Shuffles now have all the shopping capabilities as regular pins. Users can tap individual cutouts used in collages, view the brand, price and other product metadata along with similar products for shopping.

“Unlike typical product exploration, Shuffles provide an interactivity that makes the experience inspiring and fun,” the company said in a blog post. “Gen-Z curates new, relevant content with their peers, quickly creating a marketplace of trendy, buyable ideas. The high density of Shuffles, which can contain layers of product cutouts from multiple Pins, allows consumers to dig deeper and also connect to other Shuffles that contain the same Pins. As we look ahead at how consumer behavior evolves, we are testing ways to integrate Shuffles collage content into Pinterest, starting with shopping.”

Although Shuffles became the No. 1 Lifestyle app on the US App Store in August when it was invite-only, the app’s popularity has declined since then. By bringing shopping capabilities to Shuffles, Pinterest is likely looking for ways to keep users hooked on the standalone app.

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Pinterest also announced that it is exploring a new advertiser takeover feature called “Pinterest Premiere Spotlight” that features a brand prominently in search results. The company says the feature is designed to give advertisers a new way to reach users on Pinterest.

The company says that 97% of the most popular searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning that users typically don’t type in a brand name when searching the platform. This gives brands the opportunity to get discovered as they help consumers move from discovery to decision to purchase, says Pinterest. In the coming months, the company plans to provide additional ways to help brands connect with customers.

Pinterest also shared some new stats about catalog supply, which allows brands to upload their entire catalog to the platform and convert their products into dynamic product Pins. The company says it has seen a 66% increase in the number of retailers setting up shop by uploading or integrating their digital catalogs onto its platform, along with a 70% growth in active store feeds year over year globally.

As part of its most recent earnings release, Pinterest revealed that its platform now has 450 million monthly active users worldwide, up 4% year over year. Pinterest has focused on improving the shopping experience on its platform in recent years, saying on its earnings call that it wants to make every pin shoppable, including videos.

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