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WoW: March of the Tadpoles, all about the April mini-event

by Ana Lopez
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Every April in World of Warcraft, the global event for tadpole walking takes place in Borean Tundra, Northrend. This year is no exception to the rule with the event taking place during the single day of Wednesday, April 5, 2023. During this day you help the tadpoles in the neighborhood and you get nice things without much interest.

Join the March of the Tadpoles in WoW

To participate in this unique world event and not necessarily very interesting in terms of personal gain, you will have to go to Northrendto the Wintervin retreatlocated northeast of Koudarra in the Borean tundra.

World of Warcraft

You will find the King Mrgl-Mrgl, which we can also cross north of Highmountain below Legion, and which will ask you to take care of the winter-finned tadpoles. To do this, you can accept the first mission of this event: Adopt a tadpole.

World of Warcraft

Take care of your tadpole in WoW

To complete the quest Adopt a tadpoleyou will have to choose first your favorite baby murloc among the group, consisting of many tadpoles.

Once your tadpole is “adopted”, you must complete two new ones quests :

  • What tadpole wants… : Collect 10 Winterfin Clams from the seabed in the West Rift.
  • The train of the world : Kill the Mrrga Killer Whale prowling near the Winterfin Retreat in the water.
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

Once these two missions are completed, you can get a new daily mission through your tadpole of choice: A gift from your tadpole. This allows you to get nice gray items in the container Tadpole gift.

That’s literally all you have to do at this little event. There are no achievements or particularly interesting objects to collect, this is just a cute little pastime that allows you to explore something different from the content you’re normally already well accustomed to, the arenas and especially dungeons!

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