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Akkala Zelda Breath of the Wild Shrines: Location and Puzzle Solving

by Ana Lopez
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All the sanctuaries in the Akkala region of Zelda Breath of the Wild reach out to all of you northeast of the world map. There are 8 shrines in this sector, and like many other regions of the game, it has a pretty phenomenal number of secrets. It is also in Akkala that you must complete the village of Euzéro in the quest A Business in Full Boom.

Akkala Shrines: Locations and Walkthrough

Click on any of the links to access video walkthroughs and shrine locations you’d like to be guided to. Each of these videos also shows you how to recover the treasure chests that are in these shrines, which will allow you to complete them to 100% (indicated by a treasure icon next to the shrine name.

Why complete all shrines?

If you manage to complete the 120 shrines of the base game, you will gain access to the famous Landes tunic, the very last outfit for our legendary hero. By equipping the Hylia shield and legendary sword, you can finally look like the “classic” Link, the look he creeps in all 3D episodes since Zelda Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64. For DLC 2 Ode aux Prodigies, the shrines are your main objective and you can unlock the Master-Cycle Zero motorcycle. A vehicle that is a bit of a starting point of what lies ahead in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom with the Emprise power.

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