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WoW Cook Rat: What is this Zskera Vaults NPC for?

by Ana Lopez
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As you explore the Forbidden Reaches during World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7, it’s very likely that you’ll be looking for hard-to-reach bosses or recipes. One of the cooking recipes can be obtained from the cooking rat in Zskera’s Vault, and we’ll help you get your hands on it in no time!

Where can you find the Cook Rat in Dragonflight?

The Chef Rat, as the name suggests, is a small Chef Rat in the Vault of Zskera, in the Forbidden Reaches. To access it, you have to be lucky and have a Zskera Vault key, the only way to open locked vault rooms. The place of appearance of this little creature is completely random and varies from character to character, it is not present in any specific room.

The controller closest to Zskera’s vault is located at Morkut village. Although at first sight without interest, it turns out that in reality the Rat Chef has a little secret about him and that makes it possible to Rat-cette: Wonderful mimosa eggsa consumable that increases the primary stat of the player consuming it by 76 for an hour.

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Get the Wonderful Mimosa Eggs in Dragonflight

Getting the Rat-cette: Wonderful mimosa eggs is extremely simple, although a bit long. Of course, to achieve this you must first find the Cooking Rat in one of the rooms in the Vault of Zskera; Once you find him, click on him to make him follow you.

  • Important : Prepare the above requirements in advance, otherwise the cooking rat will lose interest in you after 5 minutes and eventually leave, forcing you to look for it again in Zskera’s vault. If this happens, don’t panic: you can resume your progress where you left off!

So before you go looking for the Cook Rat, go to one of the cheese sellers in your faction. There is no such vendor in Valdrakken, so go toElaine Trias Nasty Storm wind (coordinates 39.2 48.4) or Miwana Nasty Orgrimmar (coordinates 66.4, 73.4) and buy at least 15 Old cheddar before returning to the Cook Rat and beginning to negotiate with him.

Location of Elaine Trias (Alliance) - World of Warcraft
Location of Elaine Trias (Alliance)
Location of Miwana (Horde) - World of Warcraft
Location of Miwana (Horde)

Once “tamed”, you get the item boil rat in your bags. This one has a 5 minute cooldown and when you click on it, it starts the aged cheddar which is in your bags about every 2 to 3 minutes. Once he eats a copy of this cheese, he will offer you a variable amount in return Torn recipe fragmentsoscillating between 2 and 7 copies at a time.

Your goal is then to reach a total of 30 Torn recipe fragmentsafter which you can click on this object to view the Rat-cette: Wonderful mimosa eggs. In the worst case, you only need 15 Old cheddar. Easy, but you need to know the trick to get this pattern that serves as an excellent alternative to the party, or even the Fateful lucky cakes !

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