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Wetsuit: where can you find this very useful tool?

by Ana Lopez
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As you progress through the mysterious forest of Sons of the Forest, sooner or later you will want to explore more or less deep seabeds. To achieve this, we strongly recommend that you use a Dive equipment. Unfortunately, unlike many other objects the Combination To dive can’t be made by hand, you have to unlock it!

Get the diving suit in Sons of the Forest

Although it is often confused with the Air rebreatherover there Combination To dive however, is very interesting, although very optional in your progression in Sons of the Forest. In fact, it is an alternative combination that is quite easy to find, but requires some conditions. Around theDive equipmentso you need to bring the following items first:

  • The Air Rebreather
  • The rope cannon

After finding these two essential items for your progress, move to the next location on your GPS. This is a cave you may already know, as it is the same cave where you will find the shovel, another essential element for your evolution in the game!

Sons of the Forest

After entering this cave, look up to see a zip line that you can use with your pistol Nasty rope to get you below. There are a few supplies near your landing spot, after which you should dive into the small underground lake nearby. Swim to the depths of the basin to find a sea cave where you can evolve until you reach dry land.

Sons of the Forest

Climb the climb for a few seconds and you should find an oxygen bottle and flippers. Keep an eye out as they can be easily missed in a hurry. That’s just all, here you are in possession of the Combination To diveand when passing a filling for the Air rebreather !

Sons of the Forest

Usefulness of the diving suit

Over there wet suit is relatively anecdotal but useful nonetheless if you’re thinking about using it. By equipping it (it’s on the right side of your inventory, like all clothes), you’ll even benefit from a fairly substantial swim speed bonus. Be careful though, as your course speed will also be reduced (because of the fins).

A small unnecessary tool, but still very interesting for collectors or players who want to use it during their explorations of the seabed!

Sons of the Forest Air Rebreather: where to find this essential tool?

During the first minutes of playing on Sons of the Forest, you can very quickly and simply obtain an essential item for your progress: the Air Rebreather (Rebreather), not to be confused with the diving equipment, a considerable asset for your next adventures .

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