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Morduror Pokémon GO: how to get it and evolve it?

by Ana Lopez
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The ninth generation is coming to Pokémon GO and like Meltan, there’s a creature (or rather form) that’s only available through Niantic’s mobile game.

Mordudor Pokémon GO: where to find it?

If you played Pokemon Scarlet or Purple, Mordudor is a Pokémon that you will often encounter because it is found all over the Paldea region. This comes in two forms.

  • Over there Shape of the breast that’s the one we can catch in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.
  • Over there running shape which is present in the game, but is only used to obtain coins from Mordudor.

Starting today, you can get the Walking Form of this creature thanks to Pokémon GO. Here is the process to follow to get it.


Pokémon GO: how to associate Pokémon Scarlet and Purple games?

The first step to getting March Form Mordudor is to link your Pokemon Scarlet or Purple game to Niantic’s game. To get there, here are the steps to follow on your Switch.

  • Go to the Poké-Portal menu.
  • Go to the menu Mysterious gift.
  • To elect “Association with Pokémon GO“.
  • Linking the game to Pokémon GO.

Now you must go to pokemon go to continue processing.

  • Click on the Poké Ball logo to open the menu.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on “Connected devices and services“.
  • Choose the Nintendo Switch option.
  • Activate Bluetooth.

Normally you should get a message on your Switch that an account was found. Make the link and you can connect to Pokémon GO thanks to the other unlocked option. After selecting it, you have to return to your mobile game to access the postcard album to send one about your version of Pokémon Scarlet or Purple.

  • In your Scarlet or Violet version you get Mordudor Coins and other items.
  • In Pokémon GO you get a bag of coins.

The Bag of Coins works like incense and allows you to put on March Form Biters for 30 minutes. Note that this way it is possible to get only one per day.

Mordudor Pokémon GO: how to evolve it and get the coins?

In Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, it takes quite a long time for your Mordudor to evolve into Gromago, as you need to collect 999 pieces of Mordudor. If you thought it would be easier on Pokémon GO, well, it’s not because it’s the same evolution method.

  • Evolve Mordudor into Gromago: 999 Mordudor Coins

To acquire parts you have different resources as follows:

  • Walk with Mordudor as a buddy.
  • Spin golden PokéStops.
  • Capture Mordudor.
  • By opening certain boxes in the store.

Using a golden locks can also be useful if you want to optimize your harvest. The latter allowsreceive coins by turning a PokéStop into a gold PokéStop.



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