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Verdugo Resident Evil 4 Remake: How do you beat this Chapter 10 boss?

by Ana Lopez
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After crossing the dreadful ballroom and battling the 2 Garrador in one of the largest arenas of Resident Evil 4’s castle, Chapter 10 ends in an apotheosis with the battle against the giant insect, the Verdugo. A boss fight that requires special gymnastics, but far from complicated to implement.

Prepare well for battle

Once you get past the gruesome ballroom and the depths of the castle in Chapter 10, you have to call an elevator to take you back to the surface. It’s not until his descent has begun that Ramon Salazar’s henchman appears out of nowhere to give you a hard time.

Walk across the room

Before turning on the power and activating the lift, we recommend that you take a good tour of all the rooms of the complex within which the battle will take place. There are also doors you can unlock to free up access: the combat will ask you to trot quite a bit in the corridors, and the slightest obstacle shouldn’t block your course. Finally, find all the buttons that activate nitrogen jets, they will play a major role in the upcoming confrontation.

What weapons for this fight?

Normally you should have collected the crown a little earlier to make the best combination of treasures in the game. With more than 100,000 pesetas at once, you will necessarily have enough to upgrade your riot weapon (the best shotgun, remember) at the merchant, to the maximum of its damage. By recovering everything lying around in the rooms, you can also count on a few grenades to stop the enemy’s progress. Prefer making ammunition for shotguns with small pieces of scrap to make sure they don’t run out.

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

How to beat the Verdugo?

First we will have to reactivate the current to activate the elevator. Get ready: QTEs will land the entire length of the trail until the generator is ignited. Once the power is restored, you need to go back to the elevator and call him.

Do not immediately leave the room you are in, as a first jet of nitrogen can be projected at the boss. Once the Verdugo is in place, wait near the switch for it to come to you and anticipate its arrival by pressing the button. Once the boss is frozen, kick him to knock him down and bombard him with pump cartridges. After dealing him enough damage, the executioner will flee for the first time: it’s time to run to the elevator to activate it!

If you’ve done your recon well in advance, all you need to do is attract the beast with each of the 4 nitrogen jets to save as much time as possible, until the elevator arrives. The combat is pretty easy once the principle is well in mind and there’s no need to throw all your ammo at himafter slowing down 4 times, the timer will run out and you can leave this cursed place.

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

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