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Beware of bad dog Resident Evil 4 Remake: How do I complete the Chapter 5 request?

by Ana Lopez
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The Resident Evil 4 remake offers to fulfill many requests, but the vast majority are limited to a small observation to spot medallions or rats. This is your first real hard request, with a really annoying mini-boss. It can really turn into hell if you handle it badly.

Resident Evil 4

How to get this question?

This request is unlocked onlyafter saving Ashleyduring chapter 5. It’s hard to miss, because the blue document hangs right next to the entrance door of the town hall of the village, a mandatory crossing point.

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

Before going to the Village Chief’s Manor

There is an important subtlety to this question. She asks you to kill the dog present in the mansion of the village chief, but in reality the beast will join the village square, which is full of aggressive infected. Suffice it to say that confronting the boss plus a bunch of bloodthirsty old men is not a good idea. We therefore recommend that you start by eliminating all enemies present in the village square..

The mansion of the village chief

After your little carnage, go to the village chief’s mansion (his position is marked on the map). It is located west of the village, you need to go along the left edge until you find a door that gives access to a road that leads directly to the manor. There you have something to do, as Ashley’s presence gives you access to the attic, via the fold-out ladder in the bedroom. There’s even a Clockwork Doll. Then go out through the front of the house. The giant dog will then wave hello from behind the gate before fleeing to the village square. All you have to do is follow him and prepare for battle. He tends to hide around the shed.

This boss resembles infected dogs with a tentacle on its back, but is much tougher and more aggressive. He also likes to string together dodges before counterattacking. We recommend that you use the crossbow sticky leads to damage it. Hiding on rooftops can sometimes help in combat, but he tends to run for cover, so that limits your options. Aim at the dog’s head or directly at the tentacle, to kill him faster. If direct confrontation is unavoidable, use the shotgunpreferably.

Resident Evil 4

Sometimes the dog will crumble to the ground. If you’re close enough, take the opportunity to deliver a special sting. But be careful, this won’t run it right away. You must repeat the procedure several times. Provide healing items and ammunition.


  • 8 spinels for the request, as well as an Alexandrite (purple square stone) found on his body.

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