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Summoners War Chronicles: Shannon guide, runes, build and composition

by Ana Lopez
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Shannon is the awakened transformation of the Nat 3 Goblin monster wind in Summoner’s War Chronicles. It is completely free to play at your fingertips as you are guaranteed to get it from your first steps in the adventure. Her Nat 3 status also makes her a very easy monster to optimize with early in the gameand it is a versatile support that will guide you in all game compartments, when you start.

She doesn’t heal, but she offers buffs for your other monstersor some debuffs on enemies.

Build support “buffer”

  • Premonition Set (2): +15% Dodge
  • Set Guard (2): Defense +15%
  • Energy Set (2): +15% HP

Substatistics for priority search

Shannon will run as a very basic support – especially since you’ll probably only use her massively in the early game. We’ll be looking for defensive stats to increase her survivability and resilience against assassins.

Note that some also like to give him some offensive stats (critical damage) to boost his base attacks and farm content faster at the start of the game.

Shannon’s equipment


CD: 30 seconds

Mana cost: 4

Creates an explosion to attack enemies in the area and applies ATK reduction.

Also applies DEF reduction if the attack hits only one enemy.


CD: 30 seconds

Mana cost: 4

Applies the ATK and DEF increase to nearby allies and decreases the ATK and DEF decrease level by 1 each.

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