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Summoners War Chronicles: ranking, best starter teams to get off to a good start

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles is certainly a gatcha, but it’s nevertheless very accessible to 100% free-to-play players… at least as far as gameplay is concerned. early in the game and first steps in this adventure! Like its big brother Sky Arena, Chronicles relies on summonable monster compositions. And as with Sky Arena, certain free-to-play compositions consisting of common monsters (or even given by the game during your progress) are essential to edit the game’s initial content as quickly as possible and thus progress to the halfway through the gameeven the most hardcore content.

In Summoners War Chronicles, it will be even more profitable in the short term to invest in Nat 3 or 4 monsters than in Nat 5, which are too expensive to upgrade.

Team Starter Free to play

This holy trinity of “free to play” monsters will fully carry your first steps into the game. This team, consisting only of Nat 3, which you are guaranteed to get as you progress, is very easy to skill up and to awake.

Team Starter Silver

With the release of the European version, Argen has established itself as a top level unit. It can be brought in to boost your early game team starter.

Pretty fast in your progression, you’ll have to farm dungeons that will give you valuable runes, to optimize your monsters. Stringing together victorious runs will therefore be your priority, and it is quite possible by being free to play with these teams.

Team Dungeon Queen Spider’s Nest

Team Dungeon Crack Acorns Cave

Team Dungeon Forgotten Earth Shrine

Team Dungeon Laboratory of Madness

Team Dungeon Lava Cave

Who are the best Nat 5 in Summoners War Chronicles?

Do you want to know which monster to start your adventure with? Or just want to know the true value of your Nat 5 sample box? Here are the best Summoners War Chronicles monsters, ranked in a worldwide ranking!

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