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Patch 6.35 FF14: Don’t Miss the Update, Eureka Orthos, Loporrite and Relic, How to Unlock Everything

by Ana Lopez
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The 6.35 update from Final Fantasy XIV arrived this Tuesday and takes place as a small patch between the two major releases and allows to wait for the release of the next third of raids and sadistic raids from 6.4 which should arrive within two months.

However, this patch 6.35 is overflowing with content if you touch a little bit of everything, be it history, relics or PVE content if the challenge is to your liking!

How do you unlock new content and don’t forget anything? Here’s everything you need to know about the different facets of this patch and tips on how to best optimize it!

How to upgrade your Mandervilles Relic and Hildibrand Quests

Final Fantasy XIV

With this new patch comes a further improvement to your battle relics these pass to a item level 630 and enjoy one make over between their base color and the addition of a new animation around the weapon.

These relics are usually much more complicated to obtain and upgrade, but this step is relatively (very) simple.

However, to level up your Relics, you’ll need to complete certain quests available with this patch, if you plan on taking advantage of the cutscenes. reserve a few minutes for yourself.

First of all, you need the new Hildibrand quests. Indeed, the famous detective leaves in a series of two quests on this patch.

To start this quest sequence, you must start with the said quest “The Excesses of Cloning” given by Delion Nasty Radz-at-han in X: 11.9 and Y: 11.1.

Once Hildibrand’s quests are complete, you’ll need to go to Radz-at-han again and talk rolled at his blacksmith shop to start the upgrade. Only one named quest “The Fighting Instinct” is sufficient, as it is the simplest relic weapon upgrade in the game’s history.

In fact, all you have to do is spend 1500 Astronomical Allagan Tombstones to improve your weapon, same step as getting it.

Unlock FFXIV 6.35 Crafter and Gatherer Relics

Final Fantasy XIV

If you’re more into crafting and harvesting, you might want to check out the Tools from miracles. These tools are the equivalent of PVE Relic gear, but for tinkerers and collectors. Although less powerful than the current Best in Slot pentameldé, these objects remain good alternatives for players with smaller resources who still want minimal optimization.

The crafts themselves are relatively easy, very simple even if you have your own pentameld and the look of the weapons is pretty cool if you don’t have your own pentameld. SHB Relics Or Wonderful.

To start crafting and harvesting relics, you’ll need to return to the crystal since it is in this area that the story of these tools takes place. You’ll probably have a good time there too while making all that.

Once there, you will have to speak Chora Zoi at the front door of the crystal in X: 7.8 and Y: 11.4. This will give you a quest called “Inspiration from within” provided you have completed two required missions:

  • Warrior of finitude
  • The Hall of the Just (this quest unlocks access to the Hall of the Just and the rather practical xp class system)

Once you’ve started the questline for your Relics, you’ll be able to get started with two different stages where you’ll be asked to create collectibles to trade them in for your gear levels. As I often explain on stream, crafting is far from difficult and many macros can finish them in a few steps, don’t panic!

How to unlock Eureka Orthos

Final Fantasy XIV

With its own story, its leveling system or even its very special objects, as well as its difficulty in solo, Eureka Orthos is some of my favorite content and it’s always a lot of fun to solo the floors.

Without going into details on how the dungeon works, as this guide would otherwise be 200 pages, here’s how to unlock the contents!

To enter Eureka Orthos you have to go to Mor Dhona in X: 21.8 and Y: 8.1 and join the conversation Koh Rabntah to accept the quest “The Secret Laboratory”.

You can only accept this quest if you have the 50th floor of the Palace of the Dead.

Small trickan NPC right next to the Mor Dhona TP will take you straight to the entrance, no need to walk!

You must know that two frames are available in Eureka Orthos: one randomly in the bags and another by finishing floor 100 four times and taking each of the 4 accessories.

Unlock Loporrites and their rewards

On the side of Lopor reeds also there are many things to say, between mounts and exclusive furniture you have something to do and there are enough tricks to optimize the rabbits.

I’ve already written a full guide to rabbits and how their strain works below!

That’s all for the big unlocks of this patch, the next patch 6.38 should unlock the loot of sadistic raids waiting for 6.4 with the next level in two months!

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