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Summoners War Chronicles: match gems, where to go and how to do it

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles is packed with crafting micro-features that will help you push your limits a bit further and get stronger. Among these we find the combination of gems, a characteristic that does not show up very well in your adventure. Most players are only interested in it at first complete chapter 12 of their adventure history in the watch journal.

Note that you can only combine gems after completing the quest Act 5 Chapter 26 “Rally”.

Where to combine gems?

To combine gems, you need to find an NPC on the continent of Ayah.

  • Click on your World Map, at the bottom left when you are in the main menu.
  • Click on the Ayah continent.
  • Click on Ayah Village, the capital of the zone.
  • Then search for a specific NPC and swipe up to Henry the Polisher.
Summoners War Chronicles
  • Click “Go”. You will then be automatically directed to the person who can combine your Gems.

Why combine gems?

By combining gems, you can recycle gems to try and get a better one.

Gemstones can be created by the profession of alchemist. Gems are accessories that can be added to your monster runes, your weapons or your accessories to apply new stat effects to them. So be careful before placing gems on your gear and runes! Don’t put good gems on equipment that will be of little use or that you will get rid of quickly.

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