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Summoners War Chronicles: cooking recipes, culinary research, how to build the cooking profession

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles: cooking recipes, culinary research, how to build the cooking profession

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On SW Chronicles, cooking is a very easily accessible and useful profession, which is often still underestimated. In this chef guide, we explain how to earn cooking level, find new culinary recipes and easily fulfill your promotion requests!

Summoners War Chronicles cultivates belonging to the MMORPG genre through timeless professions that reward the most painstaking players. Indeed, in this game you can become a real chef as there are dozens and dozens of different recipes, which require ingredients that are not always easy to find. Specializing in the kitchen is not without interest either, as your good little dishes will bring non-negligible buffs to your monsters. Something to make a difference on the battlefield and in the dungeon!

How do you find cooking ingredients?

there are hundreds of different ingredients and it can seem overwhelming to find them in the vast open world of SW Chronicles. The game helps you a lot though, as it gives you ALL the spawn locations.

  • From your kitchen menu, select a recipe and then an ingredient from the list.
  • Click on the blue marker, which will give you the locations where you can find this ingredient.
Summoners War Chronicles
  • Press “GO” to automatically direct you to that ingredient’s spawn.

Get ingredients through the guild shop

An even easier and faster way to collect cooking ingredients is by using the Guild Shop. Select the ‘Ingredients’ section and the store will offer you ingredient crates for guild coins. note that Chests can be selected to provide you with ingredients specific to your cooking level.

Summoners War Chronicles

Earn lvl in cooking

There are 7 different levels in the cooking profession, as well as a special Master tier. To move up the ranks in the kitchen, all you have to do is deliver dishes. The list of dishes to be delivered can be found in the “Promotion request” section, under the “Kitchen” tab in your professional booklet.

Summoners War Chronicles

How do I learn recipes and complete culinary research?

In the “Cooking” tab, you will notice that some dishes are grayed out, including in your current cooking LVL. These are just dishes that you don’t know the recipe for yet. Don’t panic, the recipe discovery process is quite simple.

  • Click on a shaded dish.
  • Select ingredients from your bag. Use the name of the recipe to try to find one or more of the ingredients you need.
Summoners War Chronicles
  • Two scenarios are then possible: either you have the soul of Philippe Etchebest and you have guessed the correct ingredients required for the recipe, and in this case it is learned and easily achievable to infinity. Or you didn’t draw the right ingredients. If so, don’t panic, the game will give you clues about one or the other of the ingredients, and eventually you will find the right combination of ingredients.
  • note that culinary research will cost you nothing but some time as the ingredients selected for the trials will not be consumed if they are not successful.

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