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Summoners War Chronicles: Beginner’s Guide, How to Play the Game for Free

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles is finally here and offers a huge amount of content. While your first steps in the game are of course followed by the tutorials of the game itself, it’s always useful to know “hidden” tips that will increase your progression and farming speed.

1 – Use the Pity well

A bit like Genshin Impact and other gatcha, Summoners War Chronicles features a pity system on its summon banners. On temporary banners highlighting certain monsters, the featured character is guaranteed after 200 summons (but it could also be before the 200th call!).

But beware: the pity is not shared between the banners and cannot be transferred! That’s why it’s more necessary than ever to pay attention to the calendar and targeted banners during your “Summon Sessions”!

2 – A main story that needs to be done methodically

Summoners War Chronicles is part of a large global story (a sort of main mission), supplemented by several side missions. You might be tempted to rush the content and chapters of the main story, but it’s better to methodically edit each act of the story, including all side missions and objectives.

So you don’t have to go back and forth in the previous chapters afterwards. Remember that playtime is your true central resource in SW Chronicles.

Summoners War Chronicles

3 – Awakening 5 is sacred

Your monsters progression will happen naturally and will naturally give you access to more profitable content. Anyway, the progression of your monsters is not quite straight. For example, Awake 5 is a main level for each of your monsters. Below that, it is often not recommended to play them. But once the awake 5 is obtained, the skill bonus to the key gives your monster all other proportions.

Also don’t forget to fully upgrade your played monsters. The return on investment will be worth it.

4 – Cheating on the PWR

Your power level (PWR) allows you to judge the strength of your team, but it also has a statistical impact on the event you will be playing. Your PWR can generate bonuses or penalties, which are specified according to 5 levels:

  • Hardest: Damage taken by team -75%, Damage taken by team +75%
  • Very Hard: Damage taken by the team -50%, Damage taken by the team +50%
  • Hard: Damage dealt by team -25%, Damage taken by team +25%
  • Slightly difficult: no bonuses or penalties
  • Normal: Damage taken by team +25%, Damage taken by team -25%

Where it gets crunchy is that it’s possible to drop the game by “faking” your PWR in certain dungeons. Choose your most efficient weapon against the instance’s monsters, use your monster with the highest PWR to enter the dungeon… Then, once in the instance, have the player switch.

5 – Runes to keep in your pocket

ALWAYS keep aside 6 3-star Energy runes, 6 3-star Blade runes and 6 green 3-star Despair runes as well as 6 blue 4-star runes from the above sets. You’ll need it later in the game to progress in your Alchemy profession.

6 – Diligence is key

It’s a rule of thumb on all gatchas: nothing beats being regular by logging in every day to take advantage of all the login bonuses, wheels of fortune and events of Check in. Connecting to SW Chronicles every day for 4 hours ensures you don’t miss a thing at this level.

7 – Auto mode, your best friend at night

SW Chronicles gives prominence to auto mode to tie together repeatable missions. Don’t forget to start a large series of repeatable missions in auto mode before you go to bed ! In the morning you can collect the rewards from your game played all night.

Summoners War Chronicles

8 – Raid accessible as soon as possible

Foggy Prison and Metus are the first two multiplayer raids available to you. But this is late game content that is not easy! However, if you ever have a low PWR, there’s nothing stopping you from applying for the healer/support role, the easiest to hold and doesn’t require any rare monsters.

9 – Trees to be assembled first in SOA

STD bonus trees are not equal: always prefer theImmemorial Power and Summon Power.

10 – A few tips to make money

We end with a few tips in bulk to earn gold:

  • Sell ​​your unused runes
  • Make daily special shipments
  • Craft items to resell to NPCs

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