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Reroll Summoners War Chronicles: How to easily summon the desired monster?

by Ana Lopez
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Com2us’ new MMORPG is now available and sets up a summoning system to acquire more or less rare creatures. Many of you will want to re-roll to have the coveted monster in Summoners War Chronicles and we encourage you to discover the fastest way to perform this famous re-roll.

Reroll Summoners War Chronicles: What is it?

Rerolling is simply restarting a game with a new summoner to get better creatures. We can compare this to rerolling a dice in a paper roleplaying game when the result is not the expected result.

At least that’s what you would do in any classic gacha. In fact, in Summoners War Chronicles there is a way to get the 5 stars you want through a search for history. It is therefore not necessary to create an account again or to delete your data. Let’s see how to play this game again in the second part of the guide.

Reroll Summoners War Chronicles: How does it work?

When you start out in Summoners War Chronicles you don’t have much of a choice of your first monsters as they are all scripted. You will have to progress through the story until you reach the quest called “Special Encounter”. In this mission you have to make a selective call.

  • With a selective call you can obtain 10 monsters like any multi invocation, with one detail, that’s it you can do it 30 times.
  • Be careful because you don’t have to choose from the 30 multi-calls you’ve made. Each call overwrites the data of the previous one.

Once you’ve made your 30 summons without having monsters to match, you have two options.

  • Accept samples from your last summon and end Selective Summon and Quest.
  • Reset selective call.

In the case of our guide to rolling again, we recommend the second option as it allows you to get a native 5 star for the fire, water, or wind attribute of your choice. By resetting your Selective Summon, you unlock a quest called “Special Quality”. To complete the mission you just have to do Travel to Rudelin Prairie and defeat 50 monsters in the area.

Summoners War Chronicles
Summoners War Chronicles

Once the 50 monsters are defeated, you can validate them and repeat the 30 selective summoning attempts. What is interesting to note is the fact that you can do it as many times as you want. Of course, that’s only if you don’t accept the current selection.

Please, you can start the game with a 5 Nat of your choice as long as it doesn’t have a Light or Dark attribute.

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