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Street Fighter Duel: frozen cave, how to get past this proving ground

by Ana Lopez
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Watch where you step! In Street Fighter Duel, the developers had the good idea to put a dungeon where the ice could break at any time. The Frozen Cavern, as that’s the sweet name of this spiky instance, gives new players gray hairs, when in reality it’s quite common once you know where to walk.

Frozen cave puzzle walkthrough

Content creator Giken was one of the first to reveal a full walkthrough of this instance. In his video below you will find step by step the paths to take, the buffs to collect if you want to optimize your run and the battles to unleash.

General tips for frozen caves

The frozen cave remains one like the others if we ignore the labyrinth/puzzle aspect. De facto, it can be a problem for new free-to-play players. Here are some loose tips that will help you overcome this dungeon:

  • If your team is ever low on CC, turn to buffs that give steal life, or support it.
  • buffs Anesthetize have priority.
  • Fighting is a good thing, but several squares are traps in this case, condemning your run and forcing you to “reset”… So follow the video above step by step!
  • Some fights are quite tense. Also, we follow the golden rule of SF Duel to the letter, and we always play on faction buffs !
  • Save your main fighters from Assassin bosses and send other characters to storm those treacherous levels.

The extra frozen cave chests are fairly easy to find and none of them are traps. That said, don’t rack your brain trying to collect them all. The priority of these Proving Grounds remains both the exploration reward and the main reward.

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