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Sinister Bear Ark: How to tame it, location… All about this creature

by Ana Lopez
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In Ark: Survival Evolved, theSinister bear takes the form of an imposing bear as we know it well, which is even very close to the grizzly. Particularly tough and powerful, it is among the most powerful predators in the regions where it has settled, and in many ways is an ideal mount. In this guide, we explain the most important things you need to know about this creature.

Where can you find Grim Bears in Ark?

I’Sinister bear is a very territorial animal, it rarely leaves its burrow and often sneaks around it. He is also not hostile to creatures that do not attack him unless they cross the threshold of his territory, in which case they are in great danger of dying. It is an exclusively terrestrial animal and although it can swim, it is not its favorite domain. In terms of speed, he is not particularly fast, but his great stamina makes him an excellent runner.

we usually find Sinister bears towards the mountainous regions of the island, or even the tundra. As long as you don’t approach him or encroach on his territory, he will just ignore you even after seeing you. Distrust, moreover, since theSinister bear can attack when he enters a fight, making him hard to outrun and can fight very fast.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Peculiarities of Sinister Bear in Ark

  • Harvest : Not just theSinister bear can carry heavy loads, but is also excellent at harvesting some highly coveted elements: organic polymer, fibres, Superior meat flood, Meat flood, Skin, Berries And chitin. Coupled with the fact that he is extremely powerful and can run faster than a Gallimimus, the choice is easily made!
  • War Mountain: Highly effective in combat due to its extended attack range and ability to attack on the goSinister bear is one of the most reliable weapons of war because it is both solid and powerful.
  • honey collector: The legendary hunger for Honey because the bear is, of course, one of the characteristics of theSinister bear because his secondary attack (right click by default) allows him to collect up to three times more Honey than if you did it by hand and, moreover, be immune to bee stings (and make the rider immune to them).

Taming: how to tame the Sinister Bear?

Taming theSinister bear isn’t really easy. The idea here is to entice him into a small space where you have prepared a small pet without much interest, a Dodo For example. The reason for this is that theSinister bear to one Anesthesia very high, so you’ll have to deal him a lot of damage using a lot of tranquilizers before you can knock him out, and by feeding him you’ll make sure he doesn’t die from your arrows. Once this is done, all you have to do is shoot him Tranquilizer Arrows without rushing too hard to knock him out to begin the taming.

Ark: Survival Evolved

In terms of food, this creature is particularly fond of because of its carnivorous nature Superior kibble and from mutton. There is also a lot of interest in the giant bee honey.

Superior kibble

Superior kibble recipe:

– 2x Lemon
1x Prime Meat Jerky
– 1x Big egg
5x fibres
2x Rare Mushroom
1x Juice
– Water

→ 15 Superior Chunks required for a Level 150 Sinister Bear

→ Time to tame it: ~28min09s

giant bee honey

Harvest carefully in a Hive


Kill an Ovis to get meat.

→ 31 mutton required for level 150 Sinister Bear

→ Time to tame it: ~54min35s

How to breed Sinister Bear?

The reproduction of Sinister bear requires the presence of a male and a female of this species in the same room.

Randomly and at a rate of about every 18 to 48 hours a clutch, the female Sinister bear gives birth to a baby Sinister bear about 4 hours after mating. For this to happen, place the pair in the same paddock and select their options “Allow mating“.

Ark: Survival Evolved

For the baby to survive, you must watch him closely for 4 hours and give him food adapted to this species in his inventory, otherwise he will not be able to eat. Once an adolescent, the baby Sinister bear will be able to feed itself and will take about 1 day and 22 hours in total to reach its adult form.

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