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Sons of the Forest Truncheon: How did you get this powerful melee weapon?

by Ana Lopez
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To survive the sometimes very intense battles of Sons of the Forest, there is one element you should probably use to ease your progress in this hostile place: the Batcalled Stunn staff in the game ! Fortunately, this tool is very easy to access once you arrive on the island, and we explain how in this detailed guide.

Find the Truncheon in Sons of the Forest

Despite its rare power and largely underestimated efficiency, the Bat is one of the easiest weapons to get in Sons of the Forest. You don’t need any specific requirements or even to fight, just to walk around a bit and most importantly to know where to look!

Around the Bat, go to the cave indicated in the westernmost part of the map, near the many streams that dot this part of the island. From the cave entrance, which also contains the Rope Gun which is absolutely essential to your progression, immediately to your right you will find a very small waterfall, here:

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Just below this waterfall is a pile of skulls with a curious object impaled in them. And you’ve got it right: it’s the Bat all you have to do is collect and equip!

Sons of the Forest

How to properly use the Truncheon in Sons of the Forest?

Over there Bat is largely underestimated by novice Sons of the Forest players, as its use is not very explicit. If you usually tend to just land hits in a loop, which would still deal very honorable damage to your enemies, with the Bat things are a little different.

If you just click the left mouse button, you will get hit. But if you long-press that same left button, your character will load the Bat and delivers an electric shock to the target in front of you. As a result, this target, regardless of size or power, is stunned and sometimes even knocked back for a short time, giving you the option of fleeing or landing powerful blows while stunned.

Sons of the Forest

This weapon is particularly formidable against abnormally powerful creatures, for example the most colossal mutants to name a few. But it is especially in a group that it shines, because by assigning a player to use the Bat During combat, you can turn the tide of battle by completely crippling your opponents one by one and dismembering them at the same time. In short, the Bat is a formidable weapon whose main power you have to use to get out of the worst situations, it would change your life!

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