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Sons of the Forest pistol: how do you get your first pistol?

by Ana Lopez
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To overcome the many creatures that live in the forests and caves of Sons of the Forest, one of the items that many players try to find as quickly as possible is the pistolthe first firearm in the game. Of course, like all weapons of this type, it completely changes the course of the game, and we tell you how to acquire it in no time in this detailed guide.

Find the gun in Sons of the Forest

While incredibly powerful in the early game, the pistol However, it remains one of the most accessible weapons in the game and, of course, it is even the easiest firearm to get from Sons of the Forest. No real prerequisites are needed, not even the slightest fight if you’re lucky, just know how to swim and don’t have too many big fish…

Around the pistol, hit the beach in the westernmost delta of the island. You can see an orange buoy in the distance, here:

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Your goal is quite simple as it is to swim to this buoy. Unfortunately, as you probably guessed, things are not as simple as they seem. Around this orange buoy hunt several sharks of more than honorable size, and they will not hesitate for a second to rush at you to devour you in a split second if they see you.

Sons of the Forest

The plan is quite simple as it consists of swimming to the buoy as fast as possible, finding the ladder and climbing in. Once that’s done, you’ll find the pistol on the corpse of the dead soldier that is there, as well as some ammunition and a GPS locator attached to the man.

Sons of the Forest

If the idea of ​​fleeing while praying not to be devoured doesn’t excite you, consider that you now have a formidable solution against the big eaters of fins. One to three bullets are enough to kill a shark (varies depending on the difficulty and the number of players in the game), so don’t hesitate for a second if you’re not calm enough to swim back!

Where can you find ammunition for the pistol in Sons of the Forest?

Unfortunately, ammunition is very scarce in Sons of the Forest, even for simple pistol that you have now. They also can’t be crafted, so you’ll have to rely on your luck to find them. In general, of course, it is the bunkers, but also the abandoned human camps that usually contain a handful, sometimes as many as ten.

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