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Sons of the Forest Tent: How to make your first shelter

by Ana Lopez
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Sons of the Forest Tent: How to make your first shelter


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If you’ve just landed in Sons of the Forest, one of the first things you should do is set up a tent to rest and create a refreshment point in case you drop by, believe us, you can still use it.

Just after your crash in the middle of the forest, just like in the first game you have to collect resources from all over the site. Only in Sons of the Forest you will be accompanied (even solo) and your strange minion can even help you build a hideout. In the meantime, let’s see how to make a tent with a tarp and a piece of wood.

How do you make a tent?

After looking at your inventory for the first time, the game prompts you to build your first tent in the field. If you don’t have trouble finding pieces of wood of the same size, the sail is a bit hidden between the crates of the helicopter. You should find it in a big yellow box stuck by a tree. Take it in your hands and spread it out where you want to sit. Then I look to the right to take the stick in hand. By using the piece of wood on one of the corners of the sail, you build your very first house in the forest.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Usefulness of shelters

As always since at least Minecraft, the shelters serve not only to spend the night, but also to protect. If something bad happens to you during your exploration of the forest, the shelter where you last slept will be taken into account as a checkpoint. During your survival days, you’ll be forced to take a few naps anyway: the fatigue gauge, like that of hunger and thirst, must be closely monitored if you want to hang on and explore properly. It’s still good to note that some particularly heavy enemies can deal damage to your facilities.

Sons of the Forest

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