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Pokémon GO Master League: Who are the best monsters to use in the Mega Edition?

by Ana Lopez
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Season 13 of battles continues on Pokémon GO and the rotation of events will take place on February 23, 2022 at 10 p.m. Now you can join the Master League Mega Editionbut also to Hoenn Cup Super League Edition in an effort to collect rewards. If this is your first time playing GO Battles, don’t panic! Just click on the Poké Ball in the menu and then on the “combat” icon. There you can join at any time by clicking “fight” and then select the event that interests you. The game will then automatically present your best Pokémon with the necessary requirements or the ones you put into a team. So make sure you check it so you don’t get fooled. A match can then begin and you will face a random trainer in the world. The more wins you get, the more rewards you get.

How to participate in the Master League Mega Edition on Pokémon GO?

  • Event dates: from Thursday, February 23 at 10:00 PM to Wednesday, March 1 at 9:59 PM
  • There is no pc limit.
  • Mega evolutions are allowed.

The Mega Edition Master League is therefore the league in which you have no restrictions and can test all your creatures in fierce battles. Don’t miss the chance to experience the power of Mega Evolutions.


Master League Mega Edition Pokémon GO: The best team to use

As you can imagine, it’s almost impossible to predict which random opponents will include as Pokémon in their teams. Because this competition allows you to access all of your creatures, it is therefore difficult to know which Pokémon to use or privilege. So here are some tips to help you beat other players with ease:

  • Take Pokémon can resist minimal attacks Ttype Theft, Dragon, Water, Firework And Floor which are commonly used by Mega Evolutions.
  • Unlock the second charged attack on the Pokemon you want to use.
  • Prioritize mega evolutions or primo revivals.

Here are the three best Pokémon to place in your party:

  • Primo Groudon met Mud shot (immediate attack) + Pangan knife And Fire fist (charged attacks)
  • Primo Kyogre met Cascade (immediate attack) + Surf/original wave And Fatal lightning (charged attacks)
  • Mega Gyarados of Draco breath (immediate attack) + Hydro tail and chew (charged attacks)

Master League Mega Edition Pokémon GO: The best Pokémon available

Of course, you may not have the three creatures shown above. In that case, we have other pocket monsters for you to build your team to win as many matches as possible in this Master League Mega Edition.

  • Mega Lagoon of Mud shot (immediate attack) + Hydrocannon And Earthquake (charged attacks)
  • Mega Latios of Draco breath (immediate attack) + Draco claw And Lumi-Eclat (charged attacks)
  • Mega Charizard Y of Vintage Wings (immediate attack) + Draco claw And Fire burst (charged attacks)
  • Mega ectoplasm of Shadow Claw (immediate attack) + Shadow ball And Shadow fist (charged attacks)
  • Mega Latias of Draco breath (immediate attack) + Missing ball And Fury (charged attacks)

The Pokémon we present to you are a selection of the Pokémon available for the League, and of course there are alternatives to most of them.

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