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Sons of the Forest Sled: How to make and use the sled

by Ana Lopez
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If you remember correctly, the sleds in the first game had to drag skinned turtles into the environment: a very bloody object in the idea, but huge fun to use. In Sons of the Forest, EndNight has calmed down, as it is now possible to create a sleigh using a 3D printer.

How do you make the sled?

You will have to find the 3D printer first, the sled is just one of the crafts available in the computer’s selection. Beware, the sled is the recipe that will cost the most resin: it takes 1000 ML to make your first sled and it should barely take 20 seconds to produce. Note that this is one of those items that cannot be passed on to your colleagues in multiplayer: each player must create their own sled. It has no specific use in progression, except to advance faster in certain circumstances.

How do you use the sled?

The sled is in the top left corner of your inventory, select it to equip it. Once in hand, impossible to climb directly on, you will have to manipulate a bit. Jump, then left-click in the air to sit on it. Of course, the steeper the slope, the more speed you will gain and the risk of eating a tree or two is very present, but it is an excellent way to slide down slopes at full speed without any effort. On the other hand, handling requires a bit of mastery, if your goal is to zigzag through the fir trees at top speed..

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