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Hogwarts Legacy Dueling Feat: How Do You Get Them All?

by Ana Lopez
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The battles in Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy take up an important part of the gameplay, as you will inevitably have to face countless enemies during the main scenario, your quest for Chests of Collection, and even your exploration to find Trials of Merlin. By launching the hostilities, you will then see optional challenges appear on the right side of your screen: the feats of duel.

Why enter dueling achievements?

One of your challenges wizard handbook will ask you to complete Duel Exploits to win a rather original outfit, but above all to complete your collection at 100%:

  • Perform 5 Duel Achievements: Officer’s Uniform
  • Get 10 Duel Achievements: Officer’s Hat
  • Perform 20 Duel Achievements: Halloween Pumpkin Mask
  • Complete 32 Duel Achievements: Coat of the Fall Festival
  • Complete 42 Duel Achievements: Mask of Demiguise

The list of dueling achievements and how to complete them

General performance

Challenges you can complete on most enemy types:

  • Deal damage to a frozen enemy : Use Glacius on an enemy to freeze it, then any attack that deals damage after that (preferably red spells).
  • Defeat an enemy with Petificus Totalus: You must approach an enemy discreetly from behind to activate this spell
  • Throw an object at an enemy with Repulso : This one is a bit technical as you have to crawl behind a barrel and aim at the enemy for example
  • Knock out an enemy with a Mandrake: Simply use the plant a few inches from an enemy to stun them.
  • Slow down a burning enemy : Use Incendio or Confringo to ignite an enemy, then Arresto Momentum.
  • Capture an enemy weapon and return it : You must have an old magic gauge available to do this and use Experlliarmus.
  • Keep two enemies in the air at once : you must either unlock the talent that allows you to increase the levitation range, or use Accio and Levioso on two different enemies,
  • Summon two enemies at once : It’s kind of the same here, except you need to have unlocked the “Accio mastery” talent and use it on two nearby enemies
  • Throw an enemy at a destructible object : Use Repulso on an enemy towards an explosive barrel
  • Throw a flaming enemy at another enemy : use Confringo or Incendio to burn the first one and then Repulso to send it to another enemy
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Exclusive achievements

Challenges that can only be completed if you chose to learn the forbidden spells.

  • Defeat an enemy with another Impero cursed : Of course, make sure there are at least two enemies left and launch Impero at one of them so that it attacks the second.
  • Torture an enemy on fire : first cast Confringo or Incendio on an enemy, then the Cruciatus spell.

Exploitations on spiders

  • Repel a young spider’s attack : we haven’t found yet
  • Touch a flaming spider to make it explode : Use Incendio or Confringo to ignite it, then a basic spell (not a color spell).
  • Bury a spider’s head in the ground : When the spider makes an attack, first use Arresto Momentum to slow it down and then Decendo to stick its head into the ground.
  • Fire a firearm when she prepares to attack : Use Confringo or Incendio when charging her attack.

Performance on the Inferi and Hounds

  • Interrupt an Inferius airstrike with Bombarda : When the Inferi seems to gain momentum to hit you, use Bombarda
  • Interrupting a black dog’s attack with Repulso : Just wait until the dog is ready to jump at you and use Repulso

Operations on the mud

The mire challenges are some of the hardest to complete. That is why we have prepared special manuals for you, in video.

  • Flip a swamp when it is about to launch a sneak attack
  • Flip a mud puddle onto its back
  • Float a mire through his tongue
  • Carve a mud puddle while it floats : Use Levioso to levitate him when he attacks with his tongue and Diffindo to slice him.
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Exploits on poachers

  • Resist an animagus poacher’s Reducto spell with Repulso : Surrounded by their purple shields, you must wait for the poacher to cast Reducto to send Repulso right now. The poacher must be in human form (if not, transform it with the Metamorphosis spell)
  • Slow down an executioner poacher after he launches his explosive attack : Wait for the poacher to make his ground attack (a circle will appear) and launch it, then immediately use Arresto Momentum on him.
  • Freeze a tracker while he prepares his attack : use Glacius
  • Slice up a Duelist Poacher while casting Reducto : Wait for him to launch the correct attack and then use Diffindo
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Exploits on the Ashen Serpents

  • Levitate an Ash Serpent soldier to interrupt without casting an Expulso: wait for the soldier to raise his wand and start casting his spell to use Levioso. (be careful because the soldier uses two different spells).
  • Disarm a Cinder Serpent Executioner as it prepares its explosive attack : use Expelliarmus while it loads the call,
  • Slow down a Cinder Serpent Executioner as it prepares its explosive attack : use Arresto Momentum while it loads the call,
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Goblin feats

  • Steal a crossbow bolt from a loyal sniper: spot goblins high with a crossbow and wait for him to shoot you to see an automatic button (e.g. R1 on PS5) to steal his arrow. An old magic meter seems to be needed.
  • Slow down an Assassin of the Faithful : Find the goblin with a yellow shield and use Arresto Momentum on him
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Exploits on trolls

  • Hit a troll with its own rock: when the troll picks up a stone in the ground and throws it at you, use Protego briefly (and not long before throwing Stupefy) to receive and throw the stone back.
  • Eliminate a troll with his club : you have to use Flipendo if the troll has attacked you and is lying on the ground a bit stunned,

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