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Sons of the Forest Shotgun: How did you get this terrifying firearm?

by Ana Lopez
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To survive in the dark confines of the forest in Sons of the Forest, there is one weapon that fans of horror games will undoubtedly seek: the pistol Nasty pump, the great, the unique! Far enough on the island and requiring some preparation, this weapon remains a must and we explain how in this detailed guide.

Find the Shotgun in Sons of the Forest

Arguably one of the most powerful and beloved weapons in the Survival Horror genre, the Shotgun is also particularly accessible in Sons of the Forest. However, you must meet certain conditions before trying to obtain it, as purchasing it requires the following tools:

Once you have all these items in your possession, go to the purple exclamation mark in the northwest of the island, near the bunker where you will later find the crossbow and the VIP badge :

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

At this place you will find a very small wooden cross grave that serves as a grave. Then take your Spade and dig for a while at the foot of this cross. In the end, you will discover not only a GPS Locator, very important when you set up a base somewhere (which we highly recommend you enjoy), but also and above all the reason for your presence here: the incredible pistol pump !

Sons of the Forest

What’s special about this weapon isn’t just that it’s terrifyingly powerful and satisfying to wield in close combat using the hail which she uses as ammunition, but also her ability to switch modes to complete the Balls who usually only operates the gun! Actually two weapons in one!

To change the fire mode, lower yourself Shotgun pump down and press R (default key). You then immediately switch between the modes hail and fashion Ballsa mode that you can change at will and extremely quickly.

Finding Shotgun Bullets in Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately, ammunition is particularly scarce in Sons of the Forest, whether or not it is hail or some Balls. They also can’t be crafted, so you’ll have to rely on your luck to find them. In general, of course, it is the bunkers, but also the abandoned human camps that usually contain a handful, sometimes as many as ten of each type.

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