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Machete Sons of the Forest: How do you get this melee weapon?

by Ana Lopez
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To survive your first hours in Sons of the Forest, there’s one element you’ll need to look for first to ease your progress in this hostile place: the Machete (Machete)! This weapon will soon replace you tactical axe quite weak, which guarantees you good self-defense capabilities, and we explain how to get it fast!

Get the Machete in Sons of the Forest

Depending on where you spawn, some weapons will be more or less accessible from the beginning of your game in Sons of the Forest, greatly facilitating your progression through the game. At the northernmost spawn of the island, on the beach, is a most powerful and easily obtained melee weapon in the early game: the Machete!

To get it, go to the location indicated below on your GPS, near the cave where you will find the Air Rebreather, an essential element for your progression in the game and which you will get into the game soon enough trying to get:

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

There you should find three destroyed inflatable boats. The most central of the three has one Machete planted back. You just need to remove it to be able to obtain it and add it to your weapon collection. Having said that, consider searching the area: an abandoned human camp is nearby and contains not only tents to sleep and save, but also a host of amenities that will help you immensely, especially in the early game!

Sons of the Forest

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