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Sons of the Forest: Muscle gauge, armor… How can you improve your survival?

by Ana Lopez
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Sons of the Forest: tips and complete guide to co-op survival games

Sons of the Forest: Muscle gauge, armor… How can you improve your survival?


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To increase your chances of survival on the island, it is better to take into account the function of all the elements of the interface, a fortiori those related to your vital needs. In this new Sons of the Forest guide, we’ll see the famous hud muscle, as well as the armor gauge.

Playing on easy will inevitably give you less to worry about, but from Sons of the Forest’s normal mode, vital needs will have to be taken very seriously. In addition to hunger, thirst and fatigue, a fourth indicator appears, a type of muscle that actually represents the improvement of your strength and health, thanks to a very concise system of levels.

muscle meter

It is the first meter above your life, stamina and armor bars. Constantly in the red, this logo is filled by performing actions in the game: attacking, chopping wood, moving heavy loads… Anything that will draw on your fatigue meter or nearly will be converted into “experience”. Once filled, the gauge will instantly indicate your power level before starting at zero. Thanks to this very simple system you gain strength and improve your health meter a bit during the operation.

Sons of the Forest

Armor gauge

At the moment there are 4 different types of armor in Sons of the Forest and apart from the gold armor which is a bit different you will have to collect the pieces of armor little by little. Each has its own color and effectiveness, in this order: leaf armor, bone armor, skin armor, bone armor, and the most powerful, technical armor. The first will not protect you much, the one made of flesh is formed quite easily by searching the caves of the game, chaining the mutants in them. As for the last, the most effective at the moment, you need a lot of resin and make a “tech mesh” through pieces of armor on the 3D printer. It is also possible to store them thanks to a rack that can be specially manufactured. Your armor gauge is just above your health gauge and the more coins you collect the more it fills up.

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