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Sons of the Forest dryer: how to make it and what is it for?

by Ana Lopez
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By building your base in Sons of the Forest you have a small selection of buildings and furniture in two separate manuals. The first allows you to build structures by cutting directly into the wood, while the second (accessed by holding down X) places plans in the environment in transparency and offers players to participate in the construction, with a list of resources included with the bottom left.

How do you make a dryer?

The dryer is present in the craft book you carry in your left hand, the book that was used to place building plans in the area. Select the “dryer” and place it where you want: you need 13 single sticks to craft, very easy. A dryer contains 6 slots, we recommend mounting several directly in your camp, since in the end it is another “storage” device, very practical for survival, especially in winter.

Sons of the Forest

What is the dryer for?

The dryer will serve you to keep raw materials and especially food longer: if you want to store fish and meat for the long winter days, then you need a tumble dryer. If you’re in multiplayer consider making several as we mentioned above, you’ll need supplies. For those who are just starting out and have never experienced this season, in winter the lakes and large rivers are frozen, but the small rivers are still there and it is possible to drink there or send Kelvin fish.

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