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Sons of the Forest Flashlight: how do you find this all-important tool?

by Ana Lopez
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As you progress through the strange and terrifying forest of Sons of the Forest, sooner or later you’ll try to do without your good old Torch in favor of a light source that can be carried at the same time as your weapon. This source is the Flashlight and we’ll get you there in no time in this special guide!

Find the flashlight in Sons of the Forest

First of all, it is interesting to know that there are two of them Torches on the island of Sons of the Forest. One of them is very easy to access, while the other requires you to venture into a cave, which requires you to have all the scuba equipment and rope gun.

1. Flashlight accessible outdoors

To find this first Lamp torchgo to the purple exclamation mark closest to the central snowy mountain of the island.

Sons of the Forest

You won’t find much on site except for some provisions. But if you take a closer look at the cliff, you will see that there is a man hanging there. Go around to cut the rope with you Minced meat or your Knifecausing the corpse to fall down.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Go back down slowly, preferably not crashing while jumping off the cliff to be able to search for what this man was carrying. You will not only find a GPS locator that will probably come in handy during the rest of your adventure, but also and especially the small Flashlight that you coveted!

  • Over there Flashlight may fall a little further, sometimes hidden in nearby bushes. Have a look around, you should get to it pretty easily, feel free to cut down the bushes if they block your view.
Sons of the Forest

2. Flashlight in the cave

The second Flashlight, which will also be useful for you to improve your comfort later in the game by attaching it to one of your weapons, can be found in the same cave where you will find the shovel. But as mentioned earlier, in order to venture into this cave, you must have the Rope Gun and the diving equipment in your possession.

  • Prepare well before venturing into this cave, many creatures are waiting for you!

The path is generally very linear and sooner or later you will come across (after a long fight) the corpse of a seemingly ordinary worker who is actually equipped with the Flashlight that you desire. The rest of the cave is again very linear, go a little bit further to finally find the cave Spade on another’s corpse to open before returning.

Sons of the Forest

Use and recharge the flashlight in Sons of the Forest

Using the Flashlight is one of the easiest in Sons of the Forest, and its main advantage is that you can equip it in your left hand while you can equip a weapon in your right hand, which is not the case with the Torch ! To equip it, press the L key (default), and the same key to put it away and thus turn it off.

Sons of the Forest

It is clear that the battery of this tool is not unlimited. The remaining charge is visible when you use the Flashlight by the little green bars on its side. If they turn red, it means it is about to discharge and thus go out. To turn it back on, you need to combine it with a Pile in your inventory.

Sons of the Forest shovel: where to find this essential tool?

One of the main tools for progression in Sons of the Forest may seem trivial, but it’s not: it’s the Shovel that allows you to dig holes of all kinds. And as ridiculous as it may seem, it’s important, so we’re guiding you!

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