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Hogwarts Legacy: no more new missions? Here’s what to do!

by Ana Lopez
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One of the most notorious bugs in Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy is the one where you end up without no more missions to complete in the main scenario. This is very problematic as it makes it impossible to progress in the story and not even in the relationship quests with Sebastian Pallow, Poppy Sweeting and Natsai Onai. Here’s how to fix it with a few tips.

Teleport and wait

One of the methods that works best is to teleport to another spot on the world map (say, to Hogsmeade if you were at Hogwarts) and wait a minute: the game should indeed load the new missions available to you. In general, when you complete a main or side mission, waiting for the reward and the “mission complete” message on the screen before you do anything else. This limits the problems.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

You can also complete a side mission (if you have one) to refresh the game system a bit, which will normally give you the rest of your adventures, or even a full day.

Consult the Owl Express

The other method, if no mission is displayed and you don’t know what to do, is to go to your Owl Express menu. Over there, open all envelopes that are still closed! Normally, messages open and appear on your screen automatically, but if not, you’ll need to force open them. Again, feel free to teleport elsewhere and complete side missions to let the game know you’ve progressed.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

On a slightly more radical note, if the bug persists, you’ll need to go into the game settings and then “load a save”. Then try to find one old automatic storage it can go back to just before the completion of your last mission.

Complete the teacher’s homework

Finally, if you just don’t know what to do in your list of purple missions that only say “????” it is because you have not yet unlocked the necessary spells or made enough progress in the relationship quests. Completing all the teacher assignments you see can help! Like passing a few outdoor Merlin tests to pass a level.

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