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Sons of the Forest diving equipment: where to find this essential tool?

by Ana Lopez
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As you progress through the strange and terrifying forest of Sons of the Forest, sooner or later you will want to explore more or less deep seabeds. But to achieve this, you must have the diving equipment in your possession! Unfortunately, unlike many other items, scuba equipment cannot be crafted by hand, you must unlock it!

Buy diving equipment in Sons of the Forest

To access advanced content in Sons of the Forest, you definitely need diving gear, that’s for sure. Fortunately, it can be accessed very quickly after your crash on this mysterious island and is not very demanding in terms of equipment or knowledge of the game. A little caution is all it takes!

On the beach where you arrive at the time of the crash there is a small cave near two yellow barrels, in which you will find the diving equipment. Here is the location of this cave on the GPS:

Sons of the Forest

In the first room of this seemingly innocent cave you will find a lot of very interesting components that will help you in your progression. You can then make your way straight through the only small accessible hole, the path is quite linear until you encounter a total of 4 enemies (in Normal mode) in a fairly narrow room lined by water, at the bottom of which is a lit up projector that will serve as impromptu lighting for your battle.

Sons of the Forest

After defeating these four enemies, two paths are available for the continuation of the cave: to the left or right of the projector standing on the ground. For snorkelling equipment turn left and follow the stream on the left which also has several life jackets floating until you reach the end of this part of the cave.

This room is where the diving gear is! But don’t rush, especially since in the lower basin (and in which you will undoubtedly dive if you haven’t read this guide) is a shark that will not hesitate to cut you up as soon as it sees it. Instead, slowly descend the wall to your right until you reach a small platform with the diving gear on it.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Usefulness of diving equipment

As the name suggests and without great surprise, the scuba equipment is intended to enable you to be more efficient in aquatic environments. In fact, it just lets you breathe underwater for much longer than if you hadn’t equipped it. If it might seem useless this early in the game, you’ll soon realize it’s vital to your progress.

The sooner you get it, the better for you!

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