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Daily Crunch: YouTube rolls out support for video dubbing in over 40 languages

by Ana Lopez
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Happy Thursday, landlubbers and salty seals!

We’ve got some exciting updates from the event team — Lauren S has announced the winners of the businessroundups.org Early Stage Audience Choice. And if you’re totally blown away by the possibility of being on the businessroundups.org Disrupt stage for our annual Battlefield, you’re in luck – Neesha just announced that applications are open for the businessroundups.org Startup Battlefield 200! — Christine And Hey

The businessroundups.org Top 3

  • Giving videos a voice: MrBeast was one of the first YouTubers to try out a new multilingual audio feature that is now rolling out for creators, allowing them to upload just one video and copy it in dozens of languages. Sara has more.
  • Hear that?: Samsung wants you to have that crystal clear smartphone communication in places where there is no mobile network connection, so it developed its own satellite based solution, Ivan writes.
  • Town hall announcer: Taylor writes about Towns, the new open source group chat app from Houseparty founder Ben Rubin. Built as a decentralized app, it allows people to “build better places to live on the web” to “really own their town squares”.

Startups and VC

While most VCs will tell you they had no problem raising their latest fund, Volition co-founder Larry Cheng — an alum of Bessemer Venture Partners, Battery Partners, and Fidelity Ventures — says that wasn’t his experience when he was trying to pick up the company’s latest vehicle. . “All the LPs felt more restricted; we could feel it,” reports Connie.

The cloud is getting more and more expensive. More than half of companies say their spending on public cloud apps will increase in 2023, while 56% expect their spending on public cloud infrastructure services to increase this year. ProsperOps raises $72 million to help, Kyle reports.

And we have five more for you:

Is ocean conservation the next climate technology? 7 investors explain why they’re all-in

Image Credits: Douglas Klug (Opens in a new window) /Getty Images

Marine industries such as fishing and oil exploration are inherently extractive, but advances in technology and increased environmental awareness have ushered in a new era.

“Founders and investors have been looking for opportunities to conserve and even improve the ocean’s resources, rather than exploit them,” reports Tim De Chant.

He interviewed seven investors to explore some parallels between climate technology and ocean conservation technology and learn more about the opportunities they are looking for:

  • Tim Agnew, Managing Partner, Bold Ocean Ventures
  • Peter Bryant, Program Director (Oceans), Builders Initiative
  • Kate Danaher, General Manager (Oceans & Seafood), S2G Ventures
  • Daniela V. Fernandez, Founder and CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance (Seabird Ventures)
  • Rita Sousa, Partner, Faber Ventures
  • Christian Lim, Managing Director, SWEN Blue Ocean Partners
  • Reece Pacheco, Partner Propeller

Three more from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech Inc.

Did you know that the average household subscribes to five streaming services per month? No doubt this can add up quickly. Netflix has read the writing on the wall and slashed its prices in more than 100 territories in Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific in an effort to retain subscribers… subscribe, Lauren writes.

Decentralized app developers have a new friend in Coinbase, which launched Base, an Ethereum-centric layer to help develop the apps on the blockchain. Jaquelyn has more.

And we have five more for you:

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