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Sons of the Forest can opener: where can you find this very handy tool?

by Ana Lopez
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As you progress through the strange and creepy forest of Sons of the Forest, sooner or later you’ll probably be looking for a Can opener (can opener) to be able to open the cans you got your hands on during your adventure. The good news is that, even if it is relatively hidden, it remains very easy to access even during the first hours of play!

Find the Sons of the Forest can opener

The can opener is a particularly important tool in Sons of the Forest, as it allows you to open Boxes of canned. These contain cat food, and while not very tasty, they let you pass the time to find something else to eat. The consumption ofcat food is not harmful in the game, it is also quite nutritious as it will give you back a large part of your Foodbar, no reason to deprive yourself of it! And what’s more, it doesn’t even need to be cooked to be consumed!

Around theCan opener, there are three options available to you and they are not subject to any conditions, just a few possible battles if you are unlucky in your journey. This tool can be found in two places in the northwestern part of the island:

  • The abandoned camp all the way west, near the Truncheon
  • The camp in the heart of the mountain in the east, near the cave dedicated to La Pelle
Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

1. Near the Truncheon

This is undoubtedly the most accessible point to theCan opener. Go to the location where the Bat below, and look northwest, as if you were about to follow the river to the nearby small lake:

Sons of the Forest

From there, your goal is literally right in front of you. Walk to this famous “lake” and you will find a camp nearby where people lie dead at the foot of a very small waterfall. It’s at the foot of the man with an email in his hand that you get theCan opener.

  • Don’t forget to collect the provisions around, they will come in handy later!
Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

2. Near the shovel

The other way toCan opener is slightly more difficult to access, but accessible to everyone from the beginning of the game. To achieve this, from the entrance to the entrance of the cave where the Spade just follow the stream that leads a little further east to its source: a small lake in the mountains. A cave entrance is nearby.

There are two tents on site. The one on the left isn’t very interesting, but near the one on the right you’ll find theCan opener ! Don’t forget to search the frozen cave behind it, as you’ll find some interesting supplies there!

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

How do I use the can opener in Sons of the Forest?

To serve youCan openersimply combine a box ofcat food in your inventory (me by default) with the can opener. The gear will then activate and when you click on it, your character will open the can and take out the cat jelly. Then you are free to eat it, but remember that it will give you a good portion of your bar back Foodand so ofStamina Incidentally!

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest shovel: where to find this essential tool?

One of the main tools for progression in Sons of the Forest may seem trivial, but it’s not: it’s the Shovel that allows you to dig holes of all kinds. And as ridiculous as it may seem, it’s important, so we’re guiding you!

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