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Sons of the Forest binoculars: where to find this tool to improve your vision?

by Ana Lopez
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As you progress through the mysterious and haunted forest of Sons of the Forest, you’ll likely be looking for various tools to aid your progress. While not all of them are necessarily essential, some of them can be very helpful, and this is especially the case for Binoculars (Binoculars) that survival experts will no doubt appreciate for protecting their base. In this guide, we’ll explain how to do it, and it’s pretty quick!

Find the twins in Sons of the Forest

even Binoculars are not particularly essential to both your survival and progression in Sons of the Forest, they remain an interesting element in terms of personal defense but also immersion in the game this is especially the case if you choose to build a more extensive base than the simple small tents, and even more so when playing with several people.

To get the binoculars, the only option available is to go to the northwestern part of the island. Their location is, in fact, not far from the place of appearance of certain survivors, on the beach. For those who didn’t land in this place, tell yourself it’s near the very first cave in the game, the one where you get the Air Rebreather, all that happens!

  • You don’t need any pre-requisites Binoculars !
Sons of the Forest

So get to the location shown in the previous image by following the coast west from the aforementioned cave, or from the beach crash point. At a certain point you come across some rocks on the beach with two canoes. It is on the closer to the sea of ​​the two that you, at the back of the canoe, find the Binoculars !

Sons of the Forest

Remember, as always, to search the area. You will find a large number of provisions useful for your progress, and in particular many medicines that we know many survivors are deficient in, especially at the beginning of the adventure!

Sons of the Forest compound bow: where to find the best bow in the game?

The most powerful bow available in Sons of the Forest is the Compound Bow, also known as the Compound Bow, which obviously cannot be separated from its arrows. With this formidable weapon you can hunt and defend yourself much more calmly.

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