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Nitro drifter Fortnite: where to find them on the map of Chapter 4?

by Ana Lopez
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For this new season of Fortnite, Epic Games has pulled out all the stops with new mobility accessories. In addition to the very original Slide Rails, you will find new cars called in your games nitro bums. These vehicles look like sports cars, but they can skid and use nitroglycerin boosts.

As usual, the challenges of the first week of the season will ask you to use this new feature to combine business with pleasure, which is why you’ll learn to drive these cars as you gain experience.

You have to from the start of the season destroy objects by skidding or accelerating in a Nitro Drifter.

Where can you find Nitro Drifters?

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Nitro Drifters can be found both in MEGA City and in the southeastern part of the map. The map above lists all potential spawns for this vehicle.

Please note: first come, first served! If you ever arrive too late on the scene, it is possible that the coveted vehicles have been taken by other players.

How do you destroy objects with the Nitro Drifter?

To complete the week 1 challenge, you must use Drift and/or Nitro Boost.

  • To use the drift, press the command indicated on the left side of your screen when behind the wheel of the Nitro Drifter (the command varies depending on your game medium).
  • When exiting a slip, the nitro acceleration function takes over.
  • All you have to do is destroy decorative elements by skidding or by accelerating with the nitro boost.

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