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Simba Disney Dreamlight Valley: pool, seeds, cake… All missions to complete

by Ana Lopez
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Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available in Early Access on all platforms from Tuesday, September 6, 2022. The chance for you to discover and restore this magical world by finding lost Disney and Pixar characters. All means are good: whether to explore the open world by unlocking the passages of night thorns thanks to the Dreamlight, or to go through the castle and its magical paintings. Today we are going to focus on Simba.

Meet The Lion King

The cartoon The Lion King was released in 1994 and tells the story of Simba, a young lion cub prince who, after the death of his father whom he believes he is responsible for, will go into exile and meet Timon and Pumba, the famous inventors. by Hakuna Matata. Unfortunately, his homeland is now being horribly manipulated by his uncle, Scar, and Nala, his childhood friend, will do anything to convince him to come and rescue the people he is supposed to rule.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Scar was already added in October 2022, while Simba and Nala join the character list via the April 2023 update. Other Lion King characters are in the game data, but they will have to wait.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlock Simba, his home and his rewards by friendship level

Simba can only be unlocked by exploring the Lion King’s Kingdom: you must open the door, in the Castle of Dreams, with a few Dreamlights. Completing Nala’s first quests will allow you to talk to Simba and unlock his first quest.

  • Simba’s house is already placed after Nala’s search. It’s the Lion’s Rock you get at the end of his first mission

Below are the rewards that Simba offers you on every level of friendship. Level 10 is the maximum you can reach. Then it is no longer useless to let him gain experience, but it will always be more profitable to take him on excursions since his bonuses will be higher.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Concerning the favorite gifts from Simba, knows that he greatly appreciates 5-star dishes and gems: make sure this item is one of his 3 favorite daily gifts.

Simba will offer you to follow Story Missions to advance the scenario, but also Friendship Missions like any other character in the game.

The stars guide us

kingdom quest

This Empire Quest unlocks right after Nala’s Empire Quest. Join Simba in The Lion King’s kingdom to talk to him. Then follow him to admire the beauty of the landscapes deep in the jungle and then talk to Merlin in your Valley.

To create a powerful artifact you need:

  • 5 soft woods
  • 5 fibers: can be manufactured via the workbench thanks to seaweed
  • 2 Purified Nightshards: craftable on the workbench with Nightshards and Dreamshards

Once the materials are collected, you can build Rafiki’s Staff in the “Potions and Enchantments” tab.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Return to the Lion King Kingdom to take the stick to Simba. Place the stick on the small pile of bricks just in front of Simba.

After the cutscene, follow Simba to thedried up oasis at the entrance. Then go back to find the following seeds:

  • x3 jungle fern seeds : these are purple flowers with an onion bulb
  • x3 waterfall plant seeds : these are the types of reeds
  • x3 glade tree seeds : These are the types of large pineapples that are planted in the ground

Use your shovel to get the seeds. They can all be found by the river after the mushroom tunnel, or by the waterfall, or in the clearing behind the trunk. Then return to the oasis.

Make holes with your shovel and plant the 9 seeds around the oasis. Then use your pickaxe to break the rock blocking the river behind you.

Return to Dreamlight Valley to welcome Simba to his new home.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Hakuna Matata

Friendship quest level 2

Your first goal is to open your wardrobe and put on a casual outfit: blue stars will appear next to the clothes of the right type, then talk to Simba. He will then ask you to decorate the Tranquil Meadow with:

  • x3 seats: it doesn’t matter which one
  • x5 landscapes: in the “landscape” tab of the decoration mode, you can plant trees or place stones, for example

Now you need one swimming pool ! You have two options because the Pool you create through the crafting table doesn’t work: buy one from Scrooge’s furniture catalog for 9000 Star Coins, or give Scrooge the right gems to make one:

  • x2 Brilliant Aquamarines: mine on the Enchanted Beach or the Forest of Courage
  • x2 Shiny Peridot: Can be won on Enchanted Beach or Tranquil Meadow
  • x3 Topazes: to be won on the Esplanade
  • x5 Peridots: Can be won on the Enchanted Beach or the Tranquil Meadow
  • x5 Grenades: Can be won on the Esplanade or the Tranquil Prairie
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now place the Relaxing Oasis in the Tranquil Meadow using your Decoration menu. Return to Simba to finish the mission.

The big party

Friendship quest level 4

Simba wants to host the big Lions party. To do this, first go talk to Remy who will ask you to bake a good cake. It’s just the Aurora cakea 5-star recipe with the following ingredients:

  • 1 Wheat
  • 1 sugar cane
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Fruit (e.g. apple)
  • 1 Milk

You will also need a large fish dish with:

  • 4 Seafood (e.g. shellfish, oysters)
  • 1 lemon
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Then take the dishes to Simba. Then invite Goofy, Minnie, and Maui to the party by just talking to them. Go back and talk to Simba to get the “Don’t Worry” Banquet and place it anywhere you want in the Tranquil Meadow. Take a picture and listen to Simba and Nala reconcile.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Beastfriend, Simba will teach you how to tame the game’s Critters. Your goal is now the following:

  • Feed 5 Critters in the Valley, regardless of their biome (see our Critters Guide to find out how),
  • Plant 9 carrots in Tranquil Meadow
Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you’re done, talk to Nala and return to Simba to finish the quest.

[Quêtes en cours de rédaction ! Revenez plus tard pour une mise à jour de l’article et bon jeu à toutes et à tous.]

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