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Resident Evil 4: With this crazy trick you can attack the village in seconds!

by Ana Lopez
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We love when remakes offer little touches like this for the most avid fans. The Resident Evil 4 remake shows once again that it’s not just the transcription of the game from 18 years ago, with this brand new trick, which allows you to attack the village in seconds.

How quickly pass the scene of the village?

In Chapter 1, you witness the famous village survival sequence where the townspeople chase you until the bell stops everything. It is possible to skip this entire sequence by doing well in Resident Evil 4 Remake, but be careful, you won’t be able to put this into practice until after you beat the game for the first time, you’ll understand why.


To go directly to the next part of the chapter, you will absolutely need to have a gun with a good range and it will only be possible during a new session in New Game Plus, it is not possible to collect this type of weapon before this arena. Use the sniper to target the clock tower in the northeast of the map, which can only be accessed through the scaffolding of the main house. Trust the video of BearGamingAsiafor more details on this wonderful discovery.

What’s the point?

This is of course great news for the speedrun community around the game, but it will also be very practical for players who just want to quietly unlock all the game’s content. To complete the game in S+ rank and unlock some unlimited ammoit is necessary to complete the game within 05:30 levels of difficulty the most hardcoreso this unique shortcut will save you precious minutes.

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