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Resident Evil 4 Riot Rifle: Should You Buy This Weapon In Chapter 6?

by Ana Lopez
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Resident Evil 4 Riot Rifle: Should You Buy This Weapon In Chapter 6?

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Once you get to Chapter 6, the merchant offers a new shotgun in their inventory, the famous riot gun or riot gun in VO. In this guide, we’ll see if you can fall directly for this weapon.

New sheet dedicated to a weapon from the Resident Evil 4 remake, featuring a shotgun that you will inevitably encounter during the main story. The Riot Rifle will be direct available from your friend the merchant for a price of 28,000 pesetas. So do we buy or not?

Riot gun

With considerable damage and its good warehouse capacity, it is a favored ally to cross the castle and destroy the fanatics’ wooden shieldsS. You must improve his stats to the maximum in order to buy his special upgrade (80,000 pesetas)

Maximum stats

  • Power : 12.8
  • magazine capacity: 12
  • Reload speed: 6
  • Rate of Fire : 1.1

Special improvement

  • Increases his strength by 1.5.
Resident Evil 4

Do you have to buy it in Chapter 6?

Awaiting the attacker, less powerful but with a wide field of fire, you will do a lot by adding the Riot Rifle to your arsenal. In Chapter 6, you soon encounter stronger enemy resistance in the castle, with infected much angrier and equipped with shields. The best plan, of course, is to resell your W870 that you got back in Chapter 1. Don’t worry, you can buy it back if you wish on a dedicated merchant tab and any improvements you’ve invested in will be factored into the resale price. It should also be noted that there is no discount with the merchant on the chapters.

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