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Golem Diablo 4: How to unlock it and use it with the Necromancer?

by Ana Lopez
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The Necromancer is quite spoiled in Diablo 4, as he starts his adventure directly with a group of Skeleton Warriors at level 1, then Skeleton Mages automatically join his team at level 15. But getting the Golem will require more effort, as well as a sacrifice .

Diablo IV

How do you get the Golem?

  • The first condition is to achieve the level 25 with your Necromancer, which will take you at least a few hours of fun.
  • Then a class quest, shown in white, appears on the map: The call from beyond.
  • Go to the place marked on the map and then complete the two stages. The first is to harvest bones in the indicated area. The problem is that there aren’t enough samples for that. You can drive a little further in the region, or change areas, to give them time to reappear.
Diablo IV

Then you just have to go to the Bitter cave, which is just a simple cave, with a small trivial test. After you kill a few enemies around the urn, dialogue will kick in and you’ll get your Golem, at least in appearance. But it’s misleading.

Diablo IV

Activate the golem

You can now consult the Golem’s page in the Book of the Dead and choose a power of your choice, or even sacrifice it to get a significant bonus (+10% attack speed). This can be an attractive option, for a very good reason: the Golem is not one of the minions summoned with the Raising Skeletons ability. Which is quite logical.

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If you want to add the Golem to your private army, you do having to sacrifice a skill shortcut in your bar. Open the active skills menu (“S” by default on PC). The skill is at the very bottom, it is simply called “Golem”.

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The Golem is very robust, it hits quite hard and its active ability makes it uncontrollable, reduces the damage taken and pushes it to provoke all enemies in the area. This makes it a pretty good defensive ability for the Necromancer. He can also be a source of corpses with his bonuses.

And as mentioned above, if you don’t want to sacrifice a skill, you can choose the passive bonus instead.

Diablo IV

If you’re looking for a build that takes advantage of your skeletons and the Golem, we recommend checking out our Necromancer Summoner Build below.

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