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Resident Evil 4 mod: list of the best mods for the remake

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Resident Evil 4 mod: list of the best mods for the remake

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Since Resident Evil 2 Remake, the modding community has fallen in love with the Capcom series, so expect a ton of mods for this Resident Evil 4 remake. These are the best mods currently available on Nexusmods.

They never have time when it comes to replacing character models with other figures that are really unrelated, we’re obviously talking about the modding community, already at the bedside of the Resident Evil 4 remake. If they’re still shy, are some mods already on the page nexusmods may interest you.

The Best Mods (March 25, 2023)

As usual, you need a Nexusmods account to get the files and each install has its own instructionsmake sure you read them carefully before adjusting your game.

  • Maximum stack sizes : Increases stacks to 999.
  • Church bell no more : Removes the time limit in the village.
  • No directional zoom : No longer narrows the field of view when aiming accurately.
  • No yellow junk : Completely removes yellow paint from items you can interact with.
  • Keanu Reeves : It speaks for itself.
Resident Evil 4

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You probably already know, but Resident Evil 4 is entitled to several content updates during its exploitation by Capcom. And it will start very early, with the Mercenaries mode being released on April 7. Cult mode of the original experience, these are hurdles where scoring plays a big part and not to spoil anything, it looks like we’re entitled to multiplayer for this version. This “side” had taken up so much space in RE4 that it was actually released as a standalone in a 3DS version, honestly just average for once). In a few weeks, we should also be entitled to the missing chapters with Ada Wong. All this to say that there will be plenty of opportunities to have fun with the game files in the coming weeks.

Resident Evil 4: 5 mistakes to avoid at all costs in the remake!

We tell you everything not to do to get your game off to a good start in Resident Evil 4 Remake, the modern reinterpretation of one of Capcom’s greatest classics. And with so many new features, even seasoned players may need this guide.

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