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Build Necromancer Invocation Diablo 4: An easy leveling up on the beta

by Ana Lopez
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We already knew this, but the Necromancer has a serious advantage at the start of Diablo 4, as his warrior skeletons are already available at level 1, and the ability continues to improve with levels. Then Skeleton Mages arrive as reinforcements, and in the full game a Golem will also serve as a tank at level 25. Adding all these very powerful spells gives a formidable character.

Gameplay and building principle

Start by killing a few enemies with Decay to create corpses and summon all of your skeletons, if you haven’t already. Cast Blood Rush on enemies, then Blood Rush on enemies, Corpse Tendrils on the first corpse, then Macabre Explosion on it. Feel free to spam Tendrils and Explosion if there are a plethora of corpses. Regenerate your essence with Decay. Use Raise Skeletons if your troops are low on health or have casualties. Army of the Dead is used against large elites, bosses or when things are tight. It might be wise to keep it stocked up when you run out of corpses, to re-call your troops for a big boss like Le Boucher or Ashava. Builder link.

Active skills

Here’s our suggested choice of skills in the skill bar. However, you will have to spend a few unnecessary points on basic skills to unlock the sequel. Also keep in mind that there are alternatives in the choice of skills. Whenever possible, look for items that give bonus points to these skills, especially Blood Rush and Death Blast. At level 25, the Golem can eventually replace the Tendrils.

On a boss like Ashava, you can replace Tendrils and Explosion with blood fog And Decay.

Decomposition 1+

Improved decay

Acolyte decay

Bloodstream 3+

Improved blood flow

supernatural blood flow

You can also choose Baneling and Eldritch Baneling instead of Blood Rush, for an extra damage bonus for you and your minions, if you don’t need healing.

Deathblast 3+

Improved Death Blast

Festing macabre explosion

Scavenger Ranks 1

Reinforced scavenger vines

Plague Carrion Ranken

army of dead

Primal Dead Army

Supreme Dead Army

Skeleton revives

skirmish warriors

shadow mages

Passive bonuses

We only list the main passives, required for the build to function, that are used to reach the points requirement to the next level. There are other useful passives.

Skinned meat 1

Gives you the chance to get Corpses during the boss fight.

Skeleton Warrior Mastery 3

Increases skeleton life and damage by 45%.

Skeleton Mages Mastery 3

Increases Skeleton Mages’ life and damage by 45%.

book of the dead

The Necromancer can access its special class mechanics very quickly, without having to complete a quest first. He starts with his skeletons right away anyway, and he automatically unlocks new features by leveling up. For example, Skeleton Mages reach level 15.

The Golem unlocks at level 25, but it’s a separate ability.

These are the choices we recommend you make:

  • Skirmisher Warriors (+30% damage) and bonus of an extra skeleton
  • Skeleton Mages or Shadow with an extra projectile, or Cold, with the essence or vulnerability bonus depending on your preferences.
  • Bone Golem, both options are viable.
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Legendary powers and aspects

Powers are no longer necessarily tied to specific items, you can extract and administer them through the Occultist and the Power Codex. Here’s a list of the main powers you’ll need for this build:

  • You get 10 Essence after spawning a Corpse with Decay.
  • Blood Rush activates a second Nova that does less damage.
  • You get 2 extra Skeleton Warriors.
  • Your skeletons take additional damage over time.
  • The damage of main skills is increased by the amount of resources available when they are cast.
  • Increases base skill attack speed.
  • Using a basic ability reduces damage taken.
  • Army of the Dead gives extra attack speed and damage reduction to your minions.
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