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Resident Evil 4 Cold Room: Enigma, Lunette, Regenerador… All about the end of Chapter 13

by Ana Lopez
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One of the most gruesome stages of the final installment of the Resident Evil 4 Remake awaits you in Chapter 13, right after your foray into the Cliff Outpost. Dry in the lab you can meet the Regenerador, mean monsters who want to give you big hugs. In this solution, we tell you everything there is to know about this chapter ending, from solving the puzzles to recovering one of the best weapons in the game, passing the latest access map update.

Access card and rewrite

Once at the end of the lab, you will come across an access card that you must necessarily update to unlock all accesses to the area.. Watch out, once you get the first map update you’ll need to go back and change the power again so it can power the cold room lock and the other rooms. Finally, the rewriting phases will take some time, you will necessarily have to wait and survive as best you can until the process is completed. For example, to upgrade the map to level 2, you need to spend some time with a Regenerador.

Resident Evil 4

Access Card Riddle Level 1

To enter and use the first writing table, you will have to complete a puzzle in which you will have to align 3 electrical nodes by moving “fuses” connected in a line. Each row of pieces has 4 different positions and for each change you immediately see the number of connected nodes in the top right of the screen. Once you have the 3 at a time, press the button on the far right and validate to open the door. The solution of the riddle is included in the image below.

Resident Evil 4

Cold Room Riddle: How to get LE5

The best machine gun is hidden in the annex of the cold room and you will have to solve a new puzzle with a computer. To easily complete the puzzle, you can view the image below and pick up a small war machine, the LE5. And it will be useful to you very quickly, as you can use it in the next and final rewrite space of this series.

Resident Evil 4

Biosensor ring and adjustable wrench

After going through the level 2 door, you can get to the last rewriting table, but there’s a catch: you’ll need a key to clear the panel. Grab the Bio-Sensor Scope from the chest next to you and equip it on your newly acquired LE5. Now examine the barrels with the enemies and, thanks to the visor, find who ate the key. Before you break the container, go around the room, there is a lot of ammunition in the corner and a big battle is coming.

You can now fight against the Regenerador that contains the object you are interested in, again thanks to the famous telescope: aim at the hottest points indicated by the biosensorbut beware, some are difficult to access and you will sometimes have to dig into their bodies to touch them. Once the slimy monster is on the ground, start the rewrite process and quickly get out of the room: illuminados will land and they must not destroy the other tanks. By managing the fight in the corridor, you can calmly wait for the map update.

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

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