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Lucie Animal Crossing New Horizons: All About This Resident

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Lucie Animal Crossing New Horizons: All About This Resident

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Birthday date, species, replica, personality… Discover all the information you need to get to know Lucie better on Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Welcome to the full Animal Crossing New Horizons Lucie sheet. A full list of the inhabitants of the game can be found at this address, but today we will dwell in detail on this pig.

Lucie’s presentation on Animal Crossing New Horizons

Below you will find general and useful information about the animal Lucie.


Lucia is one Pig white with rosy cheeks.


Lucia has the character normal. That is, her taste is quite neutral, but she is very friendly to the player.


Lucia was born on June 2nd and his astrological sign is Twin.

Signature phrase and portrait

Lucia ends her sentences with “groin” but it is possible to change it.

Behind his portrait you will find the following sentence: “For those of good character, the best always comes… Can’t wait for tomorrow!”

Available on Pocket Camp?

Trivia about Lucia in Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • Lucie had an e-reader card that read: “Lucie is much more sure of herself than she looks. While other animals just sit passively and let life come to them, Lucie believes in taking the bull by the horns and mastering your life. “.
  • His talent is to film,
  • Her dream is to become a programmer
Animal Crossing New Horizons

How do I get Lucie’s photo?

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there is a friendship and friendship points system. By reaching level 5, you have a chance to win the photo portrait of your favorite resident. For this it will be necessary to offer him daily gifts, among other things. Check out our friendship guide for more.

Offer Lucie the gift card

To present the gift voucher to Lucie, know that she particularly appreciates:

Stylish clothing/furniture childish Or elegant
Colored clothing/furniture Red rose

Lucia as an Amiibo card

Lucia Amiibo Card - Animal Crossing New Horizons
Lucia’s Amiibo Card

In recent years, Nintendo has released several series of Amiibo cards. These maps are compatible with the previous parts of the license, as well as Animal Crossing New Horizons. For more information on the 5 Series Amiibo Cards, please see our dedicated article. Please note that these cards are often out of stock in France.


Lucie is available as an Amiibo card through the Series 4 and wear it number 349.

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