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Pokémon GO Spring Cup: What are the best Pokémon to win your battles?

by Ana Lopez
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Season 14 of battles continues on Pokémon GO and the event rotation took place on April 5, 2023. You can now participate in the Master League, as well as the Spring Cup – Super League Edition to try and collect rewards.

How to participate in the Spring Cup – Super League Edition on Pokémon GO?

If this is your first time playing GO Battles, don’t panic! Just click on the Poké Ball in the menu and then on the “combat” icon. There you can join at any time by clicking “fight” and then select the event that interests you. The game will then automatically present your best Pokémon with the necessary requirements or the ones you put into a team. So make sure you check it so you don’t get fooled. A match can then begin and you will face a random trainer in the world. The more wins you get, the more rewards you get.

Season 14 Pokémon Go: The schedule for all competitions, battle cups

Moving on to the new GO season, Pokémon GO is an opportunity for players to rediscover the competitive side of the game with a battle-filled fourteenth season in which they will find all kinds of competitions and cups. Discover the full program of these events in this guide.

Spring Cup – Pokémon GO Super League Edition: The conditions to participate

To participate in this competition, you must meet a number of conditions:

  • Event dates: from April 5, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. to April 12, 2023 at 12:59 p.m.
  • Pokémon are not allowed no more than 1,500 CP Participate.
  • The Pokémon of friendly Water, Plant And Fairy will be allowed.
  • Predasterism is prohibited.

The Spring Cup Super League Edition is a competition reserved for Pokémon with at least one of the above types. The double type is therefore possible for those who have one. This time only one monster has been banished, all others are of course viable within the limits of the defined rules.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Spring Cup: The best team to use

As you can imagine, it’s almost impossible to predict which random opponents will include as Pokémon in their teams. That said, the selection here is limited to Water, Plant, or Fairy-type creatures whose CP is below 1500. So here are some tips to help you beat other players with ease:

  • Take Pokémon can resist minimal attacks Ttype Plant, Poison, Theft, psych And Firework.
  • Unlock the second charged attack on the Pokemon you want to use.

If Predasteria was banned, it’s for good reason, as the Water/Poison dual type is very strong in this cup, not to mention this creature is already basic.

Here are the three best Pokémon to place in your party:

  • Galarian Smogogo with fairy wind (immediate attack) + Superheat and centrifugal (charged attacks)
  • Ferro thorn with Ball Seed (immediate attack) + Mega whip And Light cannon (charged attacks)
  • Bekipan with Vintage Wings (immediate attack) + Ball’Weather and violent wind (charged attacks).

With this squad composition, each of your monsters can be used to counter another’s weaknesses. Ferrothorn, for example, can come as a defensive switch given its many resistances, though it can be very weak against Fire-type attacks. Therefore, the third Pokémon is Bekipan, which controls your opponents’ Ground and Fire-type abilities. Smogogo the Galar can cause trouble for Fairy and Plant-type creatures.

Spring Cup – Pokémon GO Super League Edition: The best Pokémon available

Of course, you may not have the three creatures shown above. In that case, we have other pocket monsters for you to build your team to win as many matches as possible in this Spring Cup: Super League Edition.

  • mysdibula met Fangs Fire (immediate attack) + Fist boost And Cuddle (charged attacks)
  • Tropical with Air blade (immediate attack) + Sheet And Tranch’Air (charged attacks)
  • Tentacruel with Live toxic (immediate attack) + Soursop and boil (charged attacks)
  • Blizzaroi met Powder (immediate attack) + Ball’Weather And Eco atmosphere (charged attacks)
  • Dissolve with Shadow Claw (immediate attack) + Seed gun And Shadow ball (charged attacks)

The Pokémon we present to you are a selection of the Pokémon available for the Cup, and of course there are alternatives to most of them.

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