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PC Higan Eruthyll: How do you play it with Bluestacks?

by Ana Lopez
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Higan Eruthyll is the first game made internally by the publisher and developer Bilibili and this is one of the titles we like to have on PC to farm easily while doing something else or even to have an experience that better suits meets our expectations. . Let’s see how to play it on PC in this guide.

Higan Eruthyll: how to play it on PC?

Perhaps the urge to play the game on your favorite machine has occurred to you and in that case you may have searched further Steam or theEpic games store without necessarily finding what you wanted. This is normal as there are only two options to enjoy Higan Eruthyll on your PC. The first will ask you to mirror your phone screen to your PC screen using an application like Mobizen. Nevertheless, you need a good connection and, above all, a device that does not heat up too much, otherwise you risk having to charge it quite quickly.

The second option is to launch an emulator on your computer to emulate a smartphone. Indeed, at the moment there are no other ways to play Higan Eruthyll on PC, because it is a exclusivity on mobile (iOS and Android). It’s not like Summoners War Chronicles, Honkai impact 3rd or other titles readily available on multiple platforms.

Higan Eruthyl

Bluestacks Higan Eruthyll: How to play it through an emulator?

First of all, you should know that there are various software to emulate a smartphone, although we will use Bluestacks as an example in this guide. Now let’s see how to install our game on an emulator that simulates an Android device.

  • Install emulator Bluestacks
  • Launch Bluestacks
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Launch the Google Play Store
  • Find Higan Eruthyl
  • Click on “Install”

If you don’t have access to it and you want to enjoy the game on your smartphone or an emulator in an area where gachas are prohibited, don’t hesitate to consult the installation guide via an APK file.

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