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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How do you get the 3 colored potatoes and the game’s secret potions?

by Ana Lopez
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The potato mystery has been going on for several months in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Indeed, it was in October 2022, during Halloween, that the first internet users managed to find a secret code on an advertising image and then offer a golden potato directly to the mailbox. At the beginning of the year, with Olaf’s update, it was then possible to get your hands on a red potato. Now, after the Lion King update, it’s a blue potato pounding players’ brains. Here’s everything we know about them.

Catch-up: how do you get all the colored potatoes in the game?

golden potato

Enter the following code in your game settings:


red potato

You can find it in the fridge in the Remy’s house !

blue potato

You can find it on the floor in Ursula’s house.

What to do with potatoes?

Now that you have the three potatoes in your possession, write that down each of them can turn into a magic potion if it undergoes the right process. Below is the walkthrough to get the three colored potions. Note that at the moment no one knows what the potions in question are used for. So keep them in your inventory.

Get the yellow potion

  1. Take the golden potato in your inventory,
  2. Go to the Enchanted Beach, in the Mysterious Cave, at the level of the second riddle: you will find a kind of fragment that allows you to transform objects,
  3. Place the potato inside to get a golden carrot in return!
  4. Take the carrot to Elsa’s cave in the Forest of Courage,
  5. Again you see a black shard on his icy table: exchange the carrot for a golden crab,
  6. Now take the crab to the Castle of Dreams (where all the Kingdom gates are),
  7. Go to the top floor where the fountain is and find the black fragment on the railing to exchange the crab for a golden thorn.
  8. Now take her to Merlin to find the last Transfiguration Fragment on the table to the right.
  9. You get a golden potion!

Watch the video below for more help:

Get the red potion

  1. Make the following 5-star recipe with: red potato + chili + crushed ice + raspberry + lobster
  2. It will give you strange ice,
  3. Enter Remy’s Kingdom and interact with the counter to get ice cream served in the restaurant,
  4. You receive a Red Potion of Fury (again, we don’t know what it’s for)

Get the Blue Potion from the Sparkling Pool

This one is much more complex than the others. You’ll find the walkthrough video at the very top of the article, below the synopsis. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Pick up the blue potato from Ursula,
  2. Then go to the Kingdom of Moana and take the invisible path to the right, directly into the water. You can then pass a small island and find a blue shell,
  3. Return to the valley and take the boat that leads to where you first met Ariel. Take another invisible path at the end of the sandbar on the left to collect a blue starfish on the other side of the shore.
  4. Now go to the Mystical Grotto on the Enchanted Beach. Go to the bottom and walk across the water to retrieve a blue book.
  5. Finally, head to the Vitalys Mines (Sunny Plateau) to find a path to the right of the purple mushroom tunnel. There you will find a blue gem.
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once the 5 blue objects are collected, find the sparkling pool (a small pool) on a path to the left of the mine. Place the items there to get the blue potion.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

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