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Mega-Alakazam Pokémon GO: The best counters to beat it in Mega Raids

by Ana Lopez
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Alakazam is one of the first Pokémon to display psychic abilities and telekinetic powers. It is said that its mega evolution, Mega Alakazamcan predict a person’s entire life at a glance.

Here’s a guide to help you beat Mega Alakazam fast PokémonGO.

How to beat Mega-Alakazam?

Mega Alakazam is of typing psych. This means that it is very weak against type attacks. animal, Darkness, And Spectrum.

  • Capture PC : between 1666 and 1747
  • Boosted Capture PC : between 2083 and 2184 (stimulated by the wind)
  • Recommended number of players : Between 3 and 5 Trainers

Here are the best Pokemon you can use to beat it more easily:

Mega ectoplasm

With Léchouille and Ball’Ombre

Mega Houndoom

With barking and cheating


With barking and retaliation


With Bite and Centrifuge

Giratina (original form)

With shadow claw and shadow ball

dark raid

With Barking and Ball’Ombre

Mega-Alakazam: Is it available in glossy?

Mega-Alakazam is available in a chromatic version. Here’s what the two versions of Mega-Alakazam look like:

Normal Mega Alakazam - Pokemon GO
Regular Mega Alakazam

Shiny Mega Alakazam - Pokemon GO
Shiny Mega Alakazam

Pokémon GO: A Slowpoke Invasion for Community Day in March?

Every month we’re entitled to a Community Day highlighting a pocket monster in Pokémon GO. The latter occurs in large numbers and can be found in its shiny form. For this month of March, it is one of the first generation of creatures to take the spotlight.

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