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Ark Destroyer: How to tame it, location… All about this dinosaur

by Ana Lopez
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In Ark: Survival Evolved, the plague is a particularly terrifying creature that evolves in a pack and takes the form of a giant dog with sharp teeth. His main characteristic is that he can strengthen his ilk with a howl, in addition to being a fierce fighter with a style that many players seem to appreciate. Catching it is particularly difficult due to its nature as a hostile carnivore, so we explain the most important things you need to know about this creature.

Where can you find Ravagers in Ark?

THE plague is a creature introduced by the expansion Aberration van Ark can therefore only be found by owners of this DLC.

On Lost Island it is quite rare and only present in the northwest part of the mountain in the north. In Aberration it is found in abundance in the northern part of the biome, while in Valguero it is moderately common and found mainly in the northeastern part of the map. In Genesis and Crystal Isles it is much rarer and harder to find as it is in a very small minority.

  • THE plague is very hostile and often travels in groups of 3 to 5 vermin about. Watch out, he attacks on sight!
Ark: Survival Evolved

Distinguishing Features of the Ravager in Ark

  • Explorer: THE plague is very fast and can make jumps, making it very mobile and lively. When overlapping or following you, the plague can cling to vines and ziplines particularly found in the Aberrations biome
  • transport: It is a very good carrier of certain agents because it reduces their weight by half: Crystal, fibres, mold wood, green gem, Metal, Obsidian, Stone, Branches And Drink
  • Package: If more than three vermin are close together, they benefit from the bonus Business suit which increases everyone’s hitpoints vermin of the pack, as well as the damage they deal
  • Hunter: THE plague is capable of killing prey much larger than itself, especially when in it Business suit. In addition, his basic bite ensures that he can harvest more Skin and from chitinwhile with his paw you can get more Meat

Taming: How do you tame the Ravager?

Taming one plague is quite stealthy and requires some battle preparation, the hardest part being overcoming his pack and immobilizing him without killing him. Your main goal is to eliminate everything vermin of the pack that do not interest you, to then immobilize your future companion Bolas before locking him in an enclosure to prevent him from escaping. After that, all you have to do is feed him enough to make him your ally.

Ark: Survival Evolved

In terms of food, this creature is particularly fond of because of its carnivorous nature Meat from sheep And Chops of lamb cooked.


Kill an Ovis to get meat.

→ 7 Mutton required for a level 150 Ravager

→ Time to tame it: ~49min14s

Boiled lamb chop

Cook mutton for a pork chop.

→ 7 cooked lamb chops required for a level 150 Ravager

→ Time to tame it: ~28min06s

How to breed the Ravager?

The reproduction of plague requires the presence of a male and a female of this species in the same room.

Randomly and at a rate of about every 18 to 48 hours a clutch, the female plague gives birth to a baby plague about 4 hours after mating. To make this happen, place the couple in the same pen and select “Allow mating” in their options.

Ark: Survival Evolved

For the baby to survive, you must watch him closely for 5 hours and give him food adapted to this species in his inventory, otherwise he will not be able to feed himself. Once the baby Ravager is an adolescent, he will be able to feed on his own and will take about 2 days and 1 hour in total to reach his adult form.

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