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Kina builds Summoners War Chronicles: How to play this summoner well?

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles gives you the opportunity to embody three summoners and in today’s guide we will return to the character named Kira.

Kina Summoners War Chronicles: The Elements

Every hero has skills

  • Firework : Healing, invincibility, burn and attack boost.
  • Water : Attack speed and CRIT speed boost, heal and freeze.
  • Wind : Accuracy boost, immunity, dispel malus, electric shock and healing.
  • light : concern.
  • Darkness : Decrease cooldown, reflect damage, increase opponent’s cooldown, resurrection and healing.
Summoners War Chronicles

Kina Summoners War Chronicles: Skills to level up first

Since Kina is a support character, it is rather advisable to use both your passive and active skills to make your monsters as effective as possible.

Kina skills

  • Active skills : to increase healing, as well as the effects of bonuses and punishments.
  • passive skills : to maximize mana recharge and boost your monsters.
  • Utility skills : to maximize and recharge your mana supply.

Note that there is no need to boost your passives which are used to increase Kina’s damage as it is not his role, but if you want you can also increase the passive which will give you an ultimate meter bonus.

Account skills

In addition to skills dedicated to your heroine, there is also a skill tree dedicated to your account. The latter allows you to boost your stats and those of your monsters. In the case of China, you need to start with the branch that is bottom left. This allows you to increase the damage of your monsters and since they are the ones that form your line of attack, it is your priority.

The rest is up to you depending on your team. If you have rather fragile monsters, then so be it advised to climb the lower right tree to increase their defense stats and HP. If they are strong enough, you can increase your summoner’s defense stats with the top right corner.

Summoners War Chronicles

Stats to prioritize for Kina in Summoners War Chronicles

Kina serves as a support in your teams and like any good support, you will need to maximize well-defined stats so that she is robust enough to take the blows and heal as best she can.

  • Defense %
  • horsepower %
  • Resistance %
  • cleverness %

You can also increases the accuracy of effects and its own accuracy. This will make it easier to punish your enemies.

Samples to use with Kina

Which monsters to use when playing Kina depends on what you want to do. It’s best to get 3 star monsters to start with as it’s easy to upgrade them.

  • Sorin (dark fairy) for the damage.
  • Shannon (Wind Sprite) for buffs and debuffs.
  • Konamiya (Garuda water) if you need cooldown reduction or additional healing.
  • Tesarion (Fire Ifrit) for damage if you play Kina with the fire element.
  • Lushen (Joker Wind) for the damage.
  • Naomi (Wind Martial Cat) for the damage.

The monsters we present to you are just examples from the list of all available creatures. If you want more ideas, we recommend that you check out our various guides on the subject.

Summoners War Chronicles
Summoners War Chronicles

For more guides and tips on Summoners War Chronicles, don’t hesitate to check out our complete walkthrough of the game with all the tier lists, the best runes for each major monster, the Dungeon guides and of course the latest info on patches and trendy banners!

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